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5 Advanced Twitter Tips To Take Your Twitter Efforts Further

I’m excited to bring this new guest post on The Nicky Blog by Leo Widrich. More info about the author…

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How would you describe twitter in one word?

I recently asked this question on twitter evoking great response from my twitter friends. We all love twitter, don’t we?…

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8 Things Twitter Can Teach You About Life

Twitter has taught me a lot in the past one and a half year. Honestly, twitter has made me a better person. There are *amazing* people all around. I treasure their friendships so much! Here are some things I’ve learned about life through twitter

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Interview with The 2morrowKnight – A Twitter Star

Today I’m incredibly honored to have the amazing Sean Gardner aka @2morrowknight for an interview. The super successful HuffingtonPost blogger is well known on twitter for his kindness and good deeds. With almost 198,889+ followers, he’s indeed a twitter celebrity.

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5 Reasons Why Your Followers Aren’t Listening

We all have had those times when we post a tweet. And we wait for replies. We wait. Wait. Nothing. No replies. Then we awkwardly delete that tweet

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How To : Choose A Good Twitter Username

So you think of joining twitter and the first thing that you should consider thinking about is your twitter username. The reason being that your twitter username will be your identity

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5 Things To Remember When Retweeting On Twitter

Retweeting is an amazing way to share valuable information from various Twitter feeds. ReTweeting has its own dos and don’ts, follow these steps if you wanna RT like a rockstar.

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4 Ways to show love on Twitter

Twitter is an incredible medium to meet fantastic new people.I believe that if you give love, you will receive in abundance, So here are 4 simple ways to express your Twitter love.

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