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12 Effective Email Marketing Tips For Best Results (2022)

Sending out emails to customers but no one is responding or even opening them? Try these effective Email Marketing tips and best practices to get results and responses. Writing up an email newsletter can be a daunting task. You want your readers to open the mail, read it entirely and then take an action that […]

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Automated Marketing: How To Make It Look Human

If you are a marketer working for a business that is thriving, I am sure that you are using some format of automation in your marketing.  You are looking to engage and target a lot of users and doing that individually is unrealistic to be honest.  But, here’s the tricky part.  Although you use automated […]

Email Etiquette : 15 Tips And Best Practices [Infographic]

In today’s world, we are in need of constant and quick communication in all its forms. We use Facebook, Skype, Twitter and of course, emails. From kids to elders, everybody makes use of email to connect – with friends, with business clients and many others. Initially, when I emailed people, I didn’t think much and […]