The Power of Video in Marketing

The Power of Video in Marketing

The power of video is undeniable, now more than ever before. Almost every brand has begun including videos in their campaigns. With social media platforms supporting various formats of video, brands have started getting more and more creative with their video marketing.

This shows that the format of video is revolutionizing marketing. When you scroll through your twitter, instagram or facebook feed, you see a lot of fun, engaging and hilarious content – most of which is promotional. This creates a win-win situation for the brand as well as the customer: the brand sells product, the customer gets entertained and buys the product. 

Even if every person who views videos doesn’t end up buying your product, videos definitely make you memorable for the viewer. Who knows, the next time they want to purchase something, they might remember that awesome video you made and head straight to your product link. 

So, what are the different types of video formats you can use? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones. 

Live video:

Online influencers use live video on various platforms to get in touch with their followers and inform them of the latest offers, discounts and products of certain companies they are associated with. I’m not a huge fan of blatant advertising where someone gets straight to the point and offers you 15% discount if you use their code. But what I like about some specific influencers is that they try out the product themselves and only then share their opinion. It ensures that the marketing doesn’t become mechanical. Someone like @naomineo_ knows exactly how to be genuine with her followers and shares her real experiences with the products she promotes. I think it’s a great way to make use of Instagram Live video while creating a long-term relationship with the audience. 

Instagram story

Instagram stories are fleeting. A story disappears after 24 hours, and unless it’s on their profile as a highlight, it’s gone forever. This can be a wonderful tactic if you want to market something to your followers. Posting a story where you urge your followers to grab an offer before time runs out, is a good way to add a sense of urgency (which, as we know, is essential in marketing). Of course, this works best when you have a sale or offer on your products. Go ahead and use instagram stories (with videos) and add a ‘swipe up’ link to your sale and watch your website hits soar. 

You can also get creative with the 15 second stories and create an actual story. Yes! People love storytelling and it’s never going to go away. So why not use it, right? Make a story where your audience watches each clip and engages with it. The flow of how you present the story makes all the difference.

IGTV and instagram videos

Let’s be honest, IGTV had a rocky start. It was almost completely ignored by the audience. But instagram made some tweaks, such as adding IGTV videos inside your feed (as opposed to being just a lonely little button on the top right). It also shows a part of the IGTV video and then hooks you enough to click on it to watch the whole video. These changes have now made IGTV a viable option for online marketing. People are watching longer videos on instagram and social media figures like @sheelaawe have recognized it. She works with the brand SHEIN, and creates IGTV videos to show off her hauls. She’s a dancer, model and a comedian, because of which she creates different types of content for SHEIN. This proves that if you’re a brand, one of the most important things to do is choose your influencer wisely. It has a great impact on how the audience views your product. 

Twitter and YouTube video

Videos on Twitter have a much higher chance of going viral, simply because it is easier to go viral on twitter. Sharing content is just a click away and it is visible to thousands of other people in seconds. Businesses have used videos memes to their advantage and it has worked brilliantly for them. 

Similarly, sharing YouTube videos on twitter or whatsapp is something all of us are doing everyday. It’s easy, it’s fun! This makes youtube video an effective platform for advertising. Companies contact youtubers to sneak in their product into a minute of their video and voila, you have millions of subscribers knowing about what you are selling. Some youtubers resort to being upfront regarding their sponsors, while some incorporate the product seamlessly into their videos (while mentioning about the paid promotion). 

All of the above examples point at the fact that video is big and it’s getting bigger. Video creates a sense of authenticity, trust and familiarity. It boosts conversions, much more than plain text and images. Amidst so much competition with brands vying for attention, video is a fantastic way to create awareness about your company. Video also supports creativity. Go crazy with unique, out of the box ideas for your business and keep switching it up to make it interesting. Engagement with your audience is key and video does it well. Not many like to read in-depth descriptions about your product. There’s just no time. Videos make it easy to understand. Make them animated or with real people. Stop motion or claymation. Emotional or hilarious. Choose your creative style and use video for your marketing right away. 

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  2. Nicky, i agree that modern customer wants to see the product in action. i believe Video preference is one of the most important driving forces of using video in your content marketing.. but a lot of people don’t get that yet. if you’re making facebook ads i suggest you focus on video marketing.
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  4. I’m glad that you talked about how entertained customers will eventually buy the product. My mother can be a good example of this kind of consumer and she often gets things delivered to our house. I would have to agree that producing videos with creative content is a revolutionizing move for online marketing.

  5. I find this post very useful, video marketing is one of the great ways to increase traffic. You explain lots of platforms for video marketing. I’ll
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