How To Stand Out On Twitter

One of my new friends on twitter asked me a question recently asking how she could make good people to follow her. So, in this post I have some ideas on how to get followed, be follow-worthy and stand out on twitter. 🙂

As I mentioned in this post, twitter is not just about being followed and followed back. A twitter profile boasting of amazing content easily makes an impact. Make a twitter profile that people would gladly follow. Here’s how:

An overall look of the profile is what makes the first impression. A good custom background, good font color, a good and witty bio, a decent avatar, and finally great interesting tweets can make anyone hit the follow button. But there are some others aspects to it too.


For success on twitter is it important to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How can I add value to others’ network?
  2. How can I improve the quality of my content?
  3. How can I connect better with my fellow twitter users?

Let’s try to answer them one by one.

1. How can I add value to others’ network?

Ask yourself, are your tweets making a difference? Have you made someone’s day with a tweet? Made someone learn something new? Made someone smile? Or helped someone out? These are the things which help you build a strong following. You should be ready to lend a helping hand. You have to try to be a resource. Content is king. Community building is key.

2.  How can I improve the quality of my content?

Where can I find information that my followers will benefit from? Look for good content on the web. Make twitter newspapers. Make twitter lists consisting of great content sharers. Tweet insightful articles on blogs, news articles, interviews, facts, trivia, quotes, photographs, and more! Yes, it a lot of hard work but it will eventually pay off when your content shines in a timeline full of tweets. When you tweet good content and connect well, other tweeps might recommend you and hence help you grow in terms of twitter audience.


3.  How can I connect better with my fellow twitter users?

Send responses to your twitter friends when they tweet. Help two or more tweeps to get to know each other better. Get more and more social. Jump into conversations. Start conversations. Give your opinions and be ready to read others’ point of view as well. Give respect.

I believe, in order to become an influencer, there are three stages: Be a specialist, a connector and an explorer. Find a niche, connect with people who are interested, be interested in their tweets, observe other influencers and explore!

This is how I think you can stand out in a crowd on twitter. Do you have any more points to add? Don’t forget to comment below and share this post! 🙂

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  1. Hi Nicky,
    Great information on how to stand out on Twitter. I like the idea of how can I add value to to others’ network? I will definitely incorporate the ideas you talked about!

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