4 Ways to show love on Twitter

Twitter is an incredible medium to meet fantastic new people. I’m constantly overwhelmed by the shower of love I receive on twitter. I believe that if you give love, you will receive in abundance. So here are 4 simple ways to express your Twitter love :

1. ReTweet : This is a great way of showing appreciation and is likened to showing love on twitter. ReTweeting means that you really liked what others tweet and you would like to widen their twitter audience by ReTweeting. Once you get retweeted by someone, someone else might retweet them too and it forms a chain . Finally, YOUR tweet will reach out to maximum people. It is also a great way of thanking and expressing gratitude on twitter.

2. Follow Friday : People say that follow friday doesn’t have the same impact now and spammers have taken over. I agree, to an extent. My stream gets flooded with tweets having just twitter handles in them. But I, personally, LOVE to give followfriday shoutouts! Also don’t forget to write a proper reason as to why others should follow him or her. A #followfriday is a sweet gesture and I like to thank every person who gives me a #FF. It is also nice to return the favor by giving them an #FF shoutout too. But be sure to have not more than 7 tweeps in your tweet. More than that, it looks like spam. Individual #FF s are the best. It gives a special feeling! If you #FF everyone with no particular reason, there are chances people won’t bother to look at those tweeps. If used correctly, Follow Friday is a great way to find and meet new people!

3. Mr Tweet : This is a very cool twitter feature. When someone gives you a Mr Tweet recommendation, it means that the person actually recommended YOU because they admire you. With proper reason, someone describes his/her thoughts about you and the feeling you get after you receive a Mr Tweet recommendation is euphoric. However hard you try, you just won’t stop smiling.

4. Listing : A listing is likened to “appreciation” on twitter. When someone lists you, it means that they like your tweets and would like to add you to their list of favorite tweeters. I feel truly honored and humbled whenever I get listed among highly respected people in the twitterverse.
If you don’t want to miss tweets of all the amazing people out here, add them to your lists. It makes a great difference.

There are people from different places, cultures, nationalities, traditions here, but what binds us together as one, is our love for twitter! All we need is LOVE, right?


  1. Aww I loved reading it, great post Nicky! It's really important to share and Retweet, and at the same time thanking each other for the love. This way it creates a bond between the Tweeps. You're absolutely right, LOVE is what we all need, sharing and caring is the soul of love. A small gesture with an @mention also shows how much we love and care. You rock my sweetie!!! 🙂

  2. Thank you Shilpi! You are so right! I've always appreciated your presence in my timeline. You rock my world 🙂 Those are great points you've mentioned! Thanks for your support 🙂

  3. Great!!
    Listing is what I like the most. Even if you're not following one, listing lets you keep them around. Thumbs Up to the post and you Nicky!

    Keep 'em coming. 😀

  4. "People say that follow friday doesn’t have the same impact now and spammers have taken over"
    What do you do if this happens? I listed a #FF and all of a sudden I have 100 more followers than I did this morning and they seem to be spammers

  5. Michelle, I know what you mean. What I do is just ignore the spammers. They just fill a tweet with twitter handles. My intention of giving a #FF shoutout is just to express my appreciation for a particular tweeter(s).Thanks for your comment here!

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