How would you describe twitter in one word?

I recently asked this question on twitter evoking great response from my twitter friends. We all love twitter, don’t we? The answers were varied and interesting! I agreed with all of them – here are some of the replies I received.

Twitter is:

1. Fun: Twitter is tons of fun, right? We joke around, we poke fun at each other, we tweet funny stuff and just have fun. That’s the main goal of twitter – to de-stress from your hectic life and just enjoy!

2. Helpful: Sometimes,trust me, twitter friends can be more helpful than real life friends. Good people on twitter will always help you out. When I was a newbie, I asked a bazillion questions to all the big twitter people and hence – I learned. I still do.

3. Happiness: Twitter is happiness, isn’t it? Twitter is the first thing I check in the morning – I bet you do too. The quotes I read and relate to, give me happiness. The kind words of your fellow tweeps, the encouragement, the friendships can give you immense happiness! Twitter friends become family.

4. Terrific: Well, twitter is terrific indeed. When Jack initially started out with Twittr, I don’t think he could’ve imagined the vast popularity twitter would gain. The number of new accounts created on March 12,2011 is 572,000. And the average number of new accounts created per day is about 460,000.  How terrific is that? 🙂

5. Addictive: If you’re not addicted to twitter there might be two reasons for it – you have 0 followers or you’re a saint with very high self control. Seriously, twitter is addictive and I know of people who need to visit twitter rehab (if such a place exists). Twitter addiction can be bad too. But that’s a topic for another blog post. The point is, we’re all addicted and we love it!

6. Awesome: What makes twitter awesome? The tweets. The people. YOU. Yes, you. You make twitter awesome. We tweet daily. We speak our mind on twitter. We give ideas. We give information. We chat. We comment. We share. We give. We take. Awesomeness.

7. Sharing: Like I mentioned – we share our life on twitter. What is a social network if there’s no sharing? And twitter makes sharing so much easier. It gives you maximum info in minimum space– 140 characters or less to be precise.

8. Lifeline: Twitter can be a lifeline for some too. Twitter can save lives. There are some tweeps who are taking efforts to collect donations for certain campaigns, while many tweeps support various causes on twitter. Demi Moore helped save the life of a suicidal woman on twitter. I don’t think it’s wrong to say that Twitter can give you hope.

9. Connection: From Los Angeles to London, Massachusetts to Malaysia, Kuwait to Korea, Hawaii to Hong Kong and from Italy to India, you can make friends everywhere– Twitter is like traveling the world without moving an inch! 😀

10. Happening: Twitter is constantly updating, constantly changing and there’s always something happening on twitter. Twitter is totally ‘happening’, in real time.

Finally Twitter is indescribable in one word! 😉 How about you? How would you describe twitter in one word? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks to @mak_pk,  @jjtheslayer, @itsdaniellaa, @Nashra29_House, @MarissaGouw, @Shahmigamad, @Dewicahyu, @flemcy, @Arjan_hofmann for your inputs!!

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  1. I agree with all your points here Nicky! Twitter is a lot of things to a lot of people and the article pretty much sums up everything that one can experience 140 characters at a time. good job!

  2. I would add:
    Learning: you can learn so much from Twitter about anything. I’m learning photoshop by following tutorials people, I’m learning about what’s going on around the world, I’m learning about other cultures, etc.


    • LoL that’s what I thought too. Those are one words for 10 people 😛 Yep, Twitter is life! Thanks for your comment Arun! 🙂

  3. Excellent, thats not only descrbing twitter, its also descrbing you and and your post 🙂 keep up the greaatt work Nicky 🙂 looking forward to further questions like these 🙂

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