5 Advanced Twitter Tips To Take Your Twitter Efforts Further

I’m excited to bring this new guest post on The Nicky Blog by Leo Widrich. More info about the author at the end of the post. Enjoy!

What does it take to be successful on Twitter? I think this is one of the most common questions we come across online.

Ready to step up the game?

Making use and applying the very basic rules such as caring for Twitter etiquette, sharing high quality content and engaging with others constantly are the best things to start with I found.

Yet, due to Twitter’s open and versatile nature I found that there are a few more and slightly more advanced things I started to use to reach out and connect with more people:

1.) Rewriting of headlines – Put more YOU into Tweets

One thing that I never get tired of writing about is the fact to make your tweets unique and genuine. In case you are like me, you are tweeting a lot of links pointing to blogposts or other content.

A simple technique to take your Twitter efforts further is to start editing the headlines. Give the tweets your own voice through that, don’t just bluntly copy the headline. It makes a big difference in your appearance on Twitter.

Additionally, to help you kick things off, try finding a quote inside the article and turn that one into your tweet. It shows that you are engaged with that content and are determined to really only share high quality things.


2.) Tracking of keywords – @GaryVee style

If you ever watch one of the many Gary Vaynerchuck videos, there is one thing that keeps coming up. Gary used to sit down with TweetDeck, have dozens of search terms in relation to wine opened and answer questions to random people asking for advice and guidance on wine and food.

It is a technique that I have used myself very often too. Set up a few key search terms for your niche via TweetDeck, Twilert or TweetAlarm such as “Tweet scheduling”, “Twitter Tools”, “schedule tweets” in my case and help others out if they ask questions. Don’t care for mentioning your own product, just genuinely help.

Like magic people will become interested in what you are doing and building.


3.) Join or start Twitterchats

The pros and cons of Twitterchats have been discussed many times. Personally I believe the potential of participating or even creating one is huge.

Apart from the fact that you can learn a lot about a certain topic that is being discussed, you get a chance to meet new people. And more than that. You can start creating meaningful and lasting relationships through these chats going way beyond the chat.

For the best list of all chats I have seen to date, try this one: Twitter Chats.


4.) Ask questions

This is advanced? Yes, I know, it is a quite basic thing to do indeed by nature. Yet, I believe it isn’t used near as frequently as it could be. Partly because it requires you to have a certain amount of following already established.

Starting to ask questions regularly to get input from your followers is an amazing way to both crowdsource knowledge and start engagement.

If you need guidance on the how and why, take a peek at @AskAaronLee who is practicing this better than anyone I have seen. He asks thought provoking questions and manages to keep a large community engaged through it.


5.) Run Twitter contests

There are a few very interesting ways I have observed recently to help you connect with more users on Twitter.

Starting a Twitter contest can be as simple as having a giveaway for a great product and letting others enter through a retweet.

A more team related way of doing it is something that Michele Welch is doing here. You are building groups trying to tweet and retweet posts with a certain hashtag. As it is “tweeted forward” the group that completes the circle the quickes wins a prize. A nice and innovative way I found.


These are a few of the things that I am using to use Twitter on more different levels.

How about you? Are there any advanced areas I have missed here? Do you think the above mentioned tips could be useful?


About the author:

Leo Widrich is the Co-Founder of Twitter App Buffer. He is a Twitter enthusiast and writes about many different Twitter Tips each week on the Buffer-Blog here. Stop by and say hi anytime. 🙂

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    • Hi Nicky,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. Glad you liked the post. No worries, it is my pleasure to be here, after all it is one of my top 10 fav Twitter Tip blogs 🙂

  1. Thanks for sharing your views Leo. Your points are quite relevant..like asking questions keep you engaged with your friends and followers. All other points are equally important too. Cheers!

  2. Wonderful insights Leo. One thing I like to mention here is: Twitter lists. Many people aren’t aware of the power of TL yet. It’s a great productivity tool built right into it. We can’t keep in touch with 1000s of followers. Instead use TL to add people who regularly interact with you, form a formidable friend base and benefit. Cheers! 🙂
    A.R.Karthick recently posted..10 Traits of Power Tweeps You Can AdoptMy Profile

    • Hi Karthick,

      Right on buddy, Twitter Lists are indispensable these days. Actually it took me quite a while to realise how valuable they are, yet it is just like you say. If you want to continue to be engaged, then this is the only way to do it.

      Thanks for stopping by here. 🙂

  3. Leo, excellent post. I have started re-writing headlines and have been doing it for several weeks. It has made a big difference in my audience. Great tip.

    I also like the point Karthick made. Never thought of using lists for people who regularly interact. I’m going to create one of those today.

    • Hi there,

      awesome, yes, I think rewriting headlines is really a great technique to stay unique.

      Yes, Karthick made a great suggestion, lists is something many people should use more, me included! 🙂

  4. Hi Nicky and Leo,

    What a sweet surprise to find myself included in this post. 😉

    I agree Twitter contests are not only fun but a great way to network with others and grow your contacts!

    Leo, you’ve mention all really great tips here. I particularly like the one about customizing your tweets with your own voice.

    When I first started using it Twitter, it was all about syndicating my blog or other peoples blog content and it was very generic. Now I almost always add a little customized blurb. It’s my way of showing not only I like something, but that I care to give it a personal touch.

    Thanks again. Great stuff as usual. 🙂
    Michele Welch recently posted..Seamlessly Communicate and Collaborate Within Your Business through Google AppsMy Profile

    • Hi Michele,

      No worries at all, love that initiative and it was my pleasure to write about it. 🙂

      Yes, absolutely, just putting a little more of your YOU in there makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by Michele! 🙂

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for this interesting post.
    I have a question about the “Follow me on twitter”-button (I hope you know something about it 😛 ).
    Is it possible to generate such a button on my Facebook page?
    Thanks 😉

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