How To : Choose A Good Twitter Username

So you think of joining twitter and the first thing that you should consider thinking about is your twitter username. The reason being that your twitter username will be your identity. People  will remember you with your twitter username. Don’t you want it to be worth remembering? Something different, attractive and which totally stands out? So here are a few points I have noticed in tweeps with great twitter names.
1.    Your full name: This is the most commonly used twitter name. It can be in various formats. This definitely makes your handle easy to remember. Some examples are : @paul_steele , @Pramitjnathan @RuhaniRabin are some amazing tweeters with great handles too.
2.    Do you have a brand? Awesome tweeps like @2cre8 , @Flipbooks have the name of their company as their handle. Hence the name of their brand becomes their identity on twitter. With their awesome tweets, their brand comes into spotlight too.
3.    Your name in an awesome way: Let’s take @rM1L , @JustDiii for example.  They haven’t used their full name, but have tweaked their name in an amazing way which stands out.

4. Use something which describes you: Are you a writer? Use your pen name! Eg. @2morrowknight. Are you a blogger? Eg. @virtuosoblogger A musician? Eg. @MarySarahMusic Or A rockstar? 😉 Choose your handle accordingly

Apart from these, here are some handy tips for your twitter name:
•    Don’t keep your handle too long because as elaborated here, it takes away space for further retweets.
•    Do not keep cuss words in your twitter name.
•    Don’t change your handle too often.
•    Using too many numbers in your handle should also be avoided. It can  become difficult to remember.

What other things should we remember while selecting a handle? Are there any points I have missed out? Feel free to hit the comment section.


  1. Great post Nicky! Really informative and a must-read! (Thx for the plug! *big smiles*) Just so amazed where you find the time to blog. No wonder you're a "rock star"! xoxo ~K

  2. Thank you so much Kathy! Let me tell you a little secret…I wrote this post in 15 minutes at 6 am in the morning haha I love blogging :)And thanks again dear! Truly appreciate it!

  3. howdy my rocks star girl … thank you for saying that my twitter name is awesome.. LMAO.. it's brilliant Nicky .. you are a trully brilliant and amazing rocks star.. miss you little sista 🙂 <3

  4. вєαυтιfυℓ вℓσg, ѕσяяу тнєяє ωαѕ иσ тωιттєя ι∂ ѕιgи-ιи. (“(*-*)/”) αиgєℓ нυggѕ αиgєℓ. ℓσνєℓу вℓσg.

  5. Wow! Great post Nicky 🙂 Your blog and all your posts are very much useful (full of twitter tips) I'd always recommend your blog to a newbie as well as to others too for some great tips..And Thanks for the mention sweetheart. You rock!!!!

  6. Good tips coming from a pro-twitter user.

    P.S. I wish you had increase your line-height (in css). It makes it easier to read. Now it's a bit clustered.

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