12 Effective Email Marketing Tips For Best Results (2022)

12 Effective Email Marketing Tips For Best Results (2022)

Sending out emails to customers but no one is responding or even opening them? Try these effective Email Marketing tips and best practices to get results and responses.

Writing up an email newsletter can be a daunting task. You want your readers to open the mail, read it entirely and then take an action that could be a response to you or purchase of your product. But unfortunately, you are not getting the desired results. What could be going wrong? Well, there’s a lot that you need to take into consideration before hitting ‘send’ on that email. Try these email marketing tips and strategies that will give you better results with more clicks and conversions!

Best Email Marketing Tips to Boost Results, Responses And Sales

These are some of my observations as well as tried and tested ways to drive more traffic to a landing page or generate more responses from your audience via email.

It’s All About Personalization

effective email marketing tips best practices

If you are struggling with getting clicks, chances are that it looks automated. It may be automated (and should be), but you need to ensure that it appears as personalized as possible. Use your customer’s name and address them directly in the email, as if you are really talking to them. The language in the mail should reflect that as well. If you want them to come back to your website or your product, ensure that you make the reader feel like they are missing out on some amazing deals. Offer some special discounts wherever applicable too and make the offer too good to refuse.


Speaking of ‘feeling like missing out’, there’s this term FOMO that you may have heard of. FOMO = Fear of missing out. Provide countdowns for certain offers and discounts and give customers that feeling of losing out on an opportunity before it goes away, never to return again.

It’s a psychological trick that has been used since years and it can work in a myriad of ways for your product or site. Reveal that the item is available in limited quantities and show the numbers at the rate at which it’s selling fast. This can trigger more potential customers to at least land on your page and check out the products, out of which many might go ahead and buy them. So, utilize the FOMO aspect in your emails for better responses.

The Subject Line is King

The subject line can make or break your email marketing game. If it sounds like a bot, then even if the rest of your content and offers are great, your audience won’t reach that point. If the service you use for sending out emails has the option to make the customer’s name show up in the subject line, then that’s the best way to go. Keep it short and sweet!

I’ve listed out some ideas for subject lines that will boost your email open rates, that you can check out. If you combine the previous FOMO tip with an awesome subject line, then you are guaranteed to get better clicks on your emails than before.

For example, here’s one from WeWork – There’s a surprise waiting for you, claim it before the holiday season ends. I was enticed to click on it and read all about the surprise. You can also use cliffhangers in your subject lines to spice things up and make ’em curious to click on your email. Another good tip is to use a name in the email’s sender section. For example, if you are the founder of a product, use your name in the sender’s section, and check if the open rates increased.

Use Emojis

use emojis email marketing

Emojis are how we express ourselves online and using them in subject lines or emails is mostly not considered unprofessional (unless it is for your particular company). If you check your promotions tab on Gmail, you will see Fashion brands, Movie theater brands, gaming companies and more using emojis and that instantly sets them apart from the more serious ‘text-only’ emails. It grabs your eye and makes you wanna tap on the email and at least see what they are trying to convey to you.

Get Straight to the Point

People do not have time – they are scrolling through social media, messages from work, texting friends and then they might just check what brands are trying to sell to them via email. So, with the limited time you’ve got to catch someone’s attention, it’s best to come straight to the point – no beating around the bush. If you are talking about a sale ending at midnight, tell them that immediately. Show the original and discounted rates right from the beginning and add a CTA. You will start to see a difference in results soon enough.

Add CTAs


An email without a CTA is just some text. If you truly want your email-readers to turn to people who are taking the next step towards your landing page or product, a good CTA is a must. Highlight it with bold text with a clickable button which says something like Claim your Offer or Get 50% Discount. Use colors to work in your favor – avoid red for the clickable button color, but try blue and green hues for the same. Plus, if you want responses, make sure to ask questions in a highlighted form as well.

Try A/B Testing

The best way to know if something is working or failing is to do A/B Testing. Try the same subject line with only text or with added emojis and then compare the open rates. Similarly, you can try one with fewer images vs more images, shorter email vs longer email, personalized subject line vs non-personalized and so on. Track the results and responses and you will be able to devise the perfect email newsletter based on the statistics.

Don’t Use Too Many Fonts

The right font will create a picture in the mind of the reader regarding your brand. For example, comic sans for a sale season is going to make the receivers cringe. But if your brand is a fun one and you used a very serious font, then the right message doesn’t go through either. Hence, it’s crucial to choose the right font and use only 2 font styles at most, in your email.

Use a Good Template

Make the most of the visual medium and design the newsletter to be eye-catching and attractive. Format the content inside it well so that it’s not a wall of text. Highlight the most important points. And also be sure to check how everything looks on desktop as well as mobile, so that you are not in for a rude shock after hitting Send to All. Although, it’s important to check everything and send out test emails before sending to a large audience to avoid any major faux pas.

Provide Links to your Online Presence

best email marketing tips to boost results

Sometimes, someone might be more comfortable contacting you via social media rather than responding on email. So, to open up more forms of communication, don’t forget to add your social media links at the end of the email. Plus, it will also help you grow your followers on social media sites thereby helping your brand image too. By adding links, they can follow you with two clicks of a button, so make it as easy as possible.

Don’t Sell Every Time

Yes, your main goal of using email marketing is to get sales or traffic, but if you keep selling every time, your un-subscribers rate is going to go high. Balance things out by sharing some valuable information right there in the email. Let them know that you care about the customers and not just the money, because this is how they will remember your brand and recall it the next time they need something that you’re selling.

No one wants to be bombarded with direct marketing emails, which is why most promotional emails get ignored. So, if you plan out from the beginning to keep a healthy balance and keep your audience engaged, your email marketing strategy will surely boost your results.

powerful email marketing strategies

Check your Email Frequency

If a brand keeps sending me emails and messages way too often, I will go out of my way to unsubscribe. Now, if you don’t want your brand to go through this, having the right email frequency is key. Do you want them to get the email once a week? Once in two weeks? Thrice a week? It depends on many factors and the results will be different for different senders.

Test out various frequencies and most importantly, track your results. You will have to keep an eye on those stats for quite some time to be able to decide on the frequency, but it’s worth it. Do keep in mind the type of email and the timing of sending it out as well. All of it will help you come to a conclusion.

So, there you have it – hope this helps! If you would like to add any more email marketing tips, tricks, or strategies to boost your email marketing efforts, share them with the community by adding a comment below! 🙂

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