6 Things Your Dog Can Teach You About Social Media

dog-on-beachWe love dogs, don’t we? Okay, I know, some of us don’t. But as clichéd as it may sound : ‘Dog is a man’s best friend’.

Learning is a continuous process and we learn something new each day from everything around us. I don’t own a pet dog, but I have been raising my cousin’s pet dog ever since he was a little puppy. If you look closely, you might realize that dogs do teach us a lot of things, which we can even relate to social media!

Sounds crazy? Let me elaborate. Here are some tips your furry companions can give you about social media!
Be Friendly: Dogs don’t care if you are rich or poor, fat or thin, they just love you. Similarly, since social media brings people from all over the world on one platform, it is important to not be judgmental and just make tons of friends.

Be Supportive: We all have days when we feel down and out. We feel like nobody cares about us. And then our pet dog shows up and we feel happy again. Likewise, be supportive to your friends, even if they are ‘virtual’ ones. There have been times when my twitter friends have helped me overcome a problem, more than my real life friends.

Be Loyal: Dogs are the epitome of loyalty, right? Similarly, try not to gossip about others, or spread rumors about anyone – on social media or otherwise. This has caused the end of  many good friendships on Twitter and Facebook. If someone trusts you and shares a secret with you, let it remain that way. Stay loyal : to your friends, and to yourself.

Have fun: Dogs love to go out on walks, and play around. In the same way , don’t forget to have fun with your Twitter/Facebook/Google+  friends to de-stress after a hard day’s work. Fun moments can definitely lighten up the mood in your social media feed. All the social media scores and influence numbers are fine – just don’t let them overshadow the fun part of social media.

Spread happiness: Spreading happiness – that’s what dogs are best at. Give happiness through you tweets, through your status updates, through your conversations!

Be Active: Just like it is important to make time for regular walks and exercise for your dogs, similarly, if you want social media to work for you, it is necessary to be regular and active online too. Yes, sometimes you do need the ‘social media detox’ periods but other than that, being active is key!

What do you think? Any more tips you can get from your lovely pets? Let me know in the comments!

Image courtesy of [Arvind Balaraman] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. Hey nicky first thanks for written a awesome article. its a best things that you can get some great and effective ideas from nature, your animal, your social, because nature generate ideas, only we want to identify. in this article you write great things about the topics. thanks for share this and sorry for my bad English..

  2. Our dogs have the talent to be a good person if only they can talk. Dogs are very unique because they had the attitude to handle things when their owner is in danger. Having a dog in the house is one advantage for our protection and safety.

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