5 Things To Remember When Retweeting On Twitter

Retweeting is an amazing way to share valuable information from various Twitter feeds. I love to RT great tweets. Twitter is all about sharing! It is awesome how 140 characters can make a difference. ReTweeting has its own dos and don’ts. Here are a few things I’ve noticed when fantastic retweeters like @2morrowknight & @paul_steele RT awesome content. Follow these steps if you wanna RT like a rockstar 🙂

· Do not use the Retweet button: If you use the Retweet button, your tweet won’t be seen in the mentions column ( on the WEB ) and the original poster wouldn’t come to know that you RT-ed him/her. People, including me, don’t check their “Retweets” AS OFTEN AS they check their mentions. The best way to Retweet is to add “RT @username” before a tweet or add “via @username” after the tweet so that they show up in mentions which helps in initiating conversations. The only exception would be when the tweet is too long. But otherwise, old school retweeting is the way to go!

· Don’t remove twitter usernames : Some tweeters have really long handles, and hence it restricts space for retweets. Agreed. But, as much as possible, try to include the handles of all tweeters in the tweet. It is a part of good twitter etiquette.

· Remove unwanted punctuation marks/words : For example, replacing “and” with “&” in a tweet leaves space for the tweet to be further retweeted. There are a lot of opinions regarding editing of a tweet. I, personally, make a few changes like spelling errors or removing some unwanted punctuation marks from a tweet, if required.

· Give proper credit: There are many tweeters like @rM1L who tweet original quotes and content. It is unethical to steal tweets. Whenever you Retweet, give the original poster proper credit when it’s due.

· Add comments: Adding your comments after a tweet is a great way to ReTweet. If you add positive comments, the original tweeter will be happy. If you add some not-so-positive ones, that could be the start of a good twitter discussion. Commenting means that you actually read and liked what someone wrote. I always respond to tweeps who comment on my tweets to engage with them. It helps build your network.

140 characters seem too less, but a lot can be said in one tweet.

As a passionate tweeter, I believe, Retweeting is a great way to get noticed and meet new people. Don’t forget to thank people if they Retweet you too! As they say ”A friend who retweets is a friend indeed” 😉 So be a good twitter friend and Retweet like a rockstar! 🙂

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  1. Hi Nicky,

    These are the basic things in Twitter many people have long forgotten. Very useful (for the newbies too) and concise tips. Thanks for sharing.

    A.R.Karthick (@arkarthick)

  2. great post.. but you know Nicky.. i never add comment ;(, now i feel bad about it … i will start add a comment when I RT.. thanks for the tips. 😀 #UROCK

  3. Deepak : You mean the do not use the ReTweet button point? yep, it's a personal opinion and glad you found it informative!

  4. AR karthick : That was exactly my aim of writing this post! I've had a number of newbies asking me how to retweet, well I guess this post is essentially for them 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Hey Nicky! These are very useful tips. I agree – some people steal the tweets without even giving credit.. Hope they learn about the twitter etiquettes through your blog post. Thanks for sharing your views dear rockstar ;D

  6. The pt u made abt New Style RT is too valid. People use it often & the person who's tweets are RT'd never sees them unless he/she uses Twitter (Web)

    Also using online tools for tweeting longer twits won't harm.

  7. Some retweet are containing chain of tweetor, personally i don't like it.
    Prefering for mentioning only the original tweetor, removing the middle is being my choice. Ethics should match the situation, it's only 140 chars available.
    I've also done a little experiment by only mentioning the last poster, and ended by feeling not good.

    Anyway, 'think should retweet this.

  8. And for those that wish to be ReTweeted, make sure you leave enough room for people to be able to RT you easily (in other words, keep it to 120 characters or less) 🙂

  9. Nicky, thanks for posting these great RT tips. I've been trying to learn how to use this IPod & Twitter and had no idea there was so much to both. All the "do's & don'ts" were so intimidating that I spent 6 months just lurking, reading tips. These tips were very helpful!

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