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Should you schedule your tweets?

This is the second post in a series called “Twitter Series: Your Questions Answered” where I will take up ONE…

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Why do people unfollow you on twitter?

Hi friends~ This is the first post in a series called “Twitter series: Your Questions Answered” starting today on my…

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4 Benefits of Making Lists on Twitter

I love using lists. It’s like all our favorite people in ONE place.The crème de la crème of your social…

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5 reasons why Twitter is NOT a waste of time

So is really Social Media – we’ll focus on mainly twitter— An art of wasting time? Not really. Here’s why

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An Open Letter to Twitter Spammers

If you’ve been on twitter for a while – you might have experienced this thing, you know, called, spam. Lots…

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Top 60 People Who Rock Twitter!

These are the tweeps who totally ‘get’ twitter according to me. Of course, there are tons of great tweeps out…

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5 Advanced Twitter Tips To Take Your Twitter Efforts Further

I’m excited to bring this new guest post on The Nicky Blog by Leo Widrich. More info about the author…

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How would you describe twitter in one word?

I recently asked this question on twitter evoking great response from my twitter friends. We all love twitter, don’t we?…

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15 Cool Twitter Tools You Can Try

Here are some interesting, fun and useful apps and tools – and they’re all about twitter. Hope you like them…

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