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How To : Choose A Good Twitter Username

So you think of joining twitter and the first thing that you should consider thinking about is your twitter username. The reason being that your twitter username will be your identity

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5 Things To Remember When Retweeting On Twitter

Retweeting is an amazing way to share valuable information from various Twitter feeds. ReTweeting has its own dos and don’ts, follow these steps if you wanna RT like a rockstar.

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How To: Be Safe On Twitter

Following are a few points you should take care while you are on Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking site.

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4 Ways to show love on Twitter

Twitter is an incredible medium to meet fantastic new people.I believe that if you give love, you will receive in abundance, So here are 4 simple ways to express your Twitter love.

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Top 10 Traits of Terrific Tweeters

Well, I scanned through dozens of awesome twitter profiles, and noticed common factors between them. So here are the top ten traits of terrific tweeters

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What do your Tweets say about you?

Your tweets and retweets greatly describe your nature. People can immediately sense your individuality from the vibes your tweets give out.

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How Twitter has changed my life

So here are 10 ways how Twitter has changed my life for the better.

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