15 Cool Twitter Tools You Can Try

Here are some interesting, fun and useful apps and tools – and they’re all about twitter. Hope you like them too!

Check your Twitter Stats!


  • Twittercounter: It tracks the statistics of more than 10 million twitter users and gives you data based on your follower number, following number and tweets.

  • Twitter grader: Twitter grader shows you how influential you are on the social network and grades you accordingly.

  • Klout: Klout measures your online influence and shows you what kind of tweeter you are – A specialist, curator, celebrity, thought leader and more!

  • Twitalyzer: Twitalyzer provides you serious analytics for social relationships.

  • Topsy: You can use Topsy for a real time search of the web. It shows you results based on time, date and relevance.

  • Twitturly: Twitt(url)ly provides you the top links on twitter in real time. It tracks and ranks urls on twitter.


Just For Fun:

  • Tweetwasters: How much time have you spent on twitter? This is a fun tool to find out how addicted to twitter you are.

  • Twibes: This tool helps you find groups of people who have similar interests!

  • Mytwitterweighsaton: This tool analyzes and counts related words in your stream to determine what you tweet about the most!

  • Twitkiss: A fun tool to send a virtual kiss to your friends on twitter. But be careful who you send it to 😛

  • Twitter symbols : You can add these symbols to beautify your tweets and make them more fun! Just copy and paste in your tweet!

  • Cool font : A cool text generator to make your tweets more attractive!


Tweet scheduling :

  • Socialoomph: A tool to boost your social media productivity with great features.

  • Twuffer: Twuffer is a tool for pre-written and post dated tweets for a better twitter scheduling experience.

  • Bufferapp: A smart app which helps making scheduled tweets much easier. You just have to add tweets to the buffer and it will send tweets for you during the day.

Do you have any more to add? Feel free to comment!  Happy tweeting!




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  1. Good work Nicky!! I am quite new to twitter and your blogs have provided me a lot of info on it . The kind of research that goes behind your each post is really commendable, especially at such a young age.

    Keep posting and keep up the good work 😀

    • Hi Satvik,
      Thanks a lot. I appreciate it! Age is just a number, isn’t it? 🙂
      Glad my articles were helpful! Thanks for stopping by~!

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