4 Benefits of Making Lists on Twitter

I love using lists. It’s like all our favorite people in ONE place.The crème de la crème of your social network. When you start following tons of people, chances are, your stream just keeps flooding with all kinds of tweets. It becomes difficult to read all the important and helpful tweets in between the “noise”. The solution for it is – making lists! Lists can help you in many ways.

Here’s how:


1.  Helps to organize tweets better:

Great content in one place!

We all have people we consider “VIP” in our stream – that is, constant sharers of great content according to us. Lists can help us simplify our timeline. When we follow a lot of people (in thousands), the information overload can get a little frustrating. Hence, lists come in handy to keep up with the best tweets from the people you follow and cut the noise in your stream.

2.  Don’t miss tweets & save time:

Create lists and save time!

We all have twitter favs, don’t we? We don’t feel like missing any of their tweets. You can read each of their tweets by adding them to your lists. Also, people will follow your lists and hence save the time of creating their own lists.  It helps you filter your twitter stream as well as it acts as a constant content provider to give you retweetable material.

3.  Make lists on different categories:

Making various categories like “Thought leaders”, “Social media rockstars”, “Great bloggers”, “conversationalists” etc can be of great help to sort the content. You can also find local tweeps (by searching your location eg: #Delhi) and add them to your lists too! In my opinion, don’t make all 20 lists – it can become difficult to follow all 20 of them. Also personally, I don’t believe in adding 500 people to a list. That way, it becomes tough to keep up with everyone in that list and hence the main aim of the list is defeated. Of course, the opinion differs from person to person. 🙂

4.  It is a way of showing gratitude:

When you list someone, it shows that you care about their tweets and would like to read all of them. It’s a form of appreciation on twitter, a gesture of gratitude. You might get listed back too.

Consider twitter as a big party where everyone is invited, and you’d like to introduce everyone to some of the great people you know. That’s exactly what lists do! 🙂

What do you think of lists on twitter? Do you agree/disagree with this post? What do you think of automated lists? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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  1. Nicky, what a great post!

    Absolutely, I can’t emphasise lists enough myself either, I think they are just really powerful.

    Thanks for sharing, Buffered that one for sure! 🙂

  2. Hi Nicky, good advice about using Twitter lists. They also add some SEO benefit to your social profile so be sure to have lists that relate to your niche. I use them to create a custom Paper.li for all of my interests.

  3. Great Information Nicky. I have several lists published, but how do I add myself to lists I’ve created. I enjoy your blog and keep up the good work.


  4. Lists are good grouping tools but are very 1 dimensional. There needs to be a better way to create interest streams….Myliveplace.com…Coming soon…Experience lists with a whole new dimension…

  5. This post was an inspiration for the time consuming task of organizing the people I follow. I love list, make my Twitter life easier and more organized. All my list are private, mainly for organizational purposes only. Maybe later I decide to make one of them public to see what happens.

    PS: By the way, you are in one of my list. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’ve noticed that I’ve been added to a lot of lists recently that include 1,000s of other people. I’m not sure why? Do you still use lists? Or has everyone moved on?

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