1. This is a great post. It gave me the chills just thinking about my account getting hacked!
    Why did you delete your account? You just need to reset the password right?
    And you have all your followers and follows still? So deactivate did not make you loose everything?
    I'm sorry I was not supportive… I struggled on my mobile… :-/ But I hope you know that I would have been if I had the possibility.
    I'm happy our ROCKSTAR is back! 🙂

  2. As I said, I panicked. Yes, you can reset your password but that would be possible if you still have access to the email associated with your twitter account. I did make a hasty decision, and I admit it.But all's well that ends well, right? You're always supportive and I am grateful for that! Thanks for your comment Miri.

  3. I thought you have changed your twitter handle , but here story is something else 🙂

    I believe whatever happens , happens for good only. You see now you have gained "link juice" for your new twitter account and also you got back your old account.

    Good informative post 🙂
    Welcome back Nicky 🙂

  4. Great friends DID stand by you Nicky, lol, and they didn't trust the "new" nicky and asked to make sure. LoL! You see? Even YOU can't replace your real account LoL!..

    Great blog post! Information will help a lot of people. I do suggest not delete the account though, twitter will not give everyone back.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for the mention Nicky!

  5. Aaron, yeah I figured out that deleting is not the correct thing to do right away.. but a bit too late. LoL That is precisely why I wrote this, for others to learn from my mistake 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  6. Thanks, Nicky.. Another Useful post.. I'm very happy to be among the friends who have helped you.. But, Now that u got Ur rocksstar10 account back.. I'm happy.. Rock on & Thanks again for Ur awesome blog posts 🙂 Tc

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