What do your Tweets say about you?

Your tweets and retweets greatly describe your nature. People can immediately sense your individuality from the vibes your tweets give out. Your personality shines through from your tweets. So, here’s my analysis of the type of tweeter from the tweets the tweeter tweets 🙂

* Humorous : If most of your tweets are funny, then you are doing a great job of spreading smiles in the twitterverse. A lot of LOL is a must in our lives, don’t you think? A tweeter with a sense of humor lightens up the timeline and never fails to entertain. Such tweeters always lift our mood with their wisecracks. Laughter is the best medicine indeed!

* Retweeters: Retweeters absolutely love to share great stuff from all around the world wide web! They are generous and always ready to help out friends. I am a passionate ReTweeter too. Retweeters always have fantastic content from various feeds.

* Social media tips: If your tweets are social media tips, then it implies that you love to share your expertise with fellow tweeters. I have noticed several feeds like @Twitter_Tips which is a gold mine of amazing information. They keep us informed of all the happenings in the world of social media. This is a feed worth checking out everyday.

* Maximum @ replies: If maximum of your tweets are @replies, it means that you are utilizing the basic feature of twitter, that is, connecting and interacting. I find great pleasure in chatting with some of the best conversationalists on twitter. They are very outgoing, sociable and can keep you engaged for hours together. You won’t even realize how time will just fly!

* Interesting tweets : If your tweets consist of interesting information like amazing facts, blogs, articles, news, photographs, then you’re making the most of the treasure chest of info available. Such tweeps are constantly on the lookout for knowledge. Always loaded with a variety of quality tweets, they make twitter a great place to learn and inform. Such twitter pages definitely stand out.

* Quotes: If you mostly have quotes on your page, then you love inspiring the world with awesome words of wisdom. Such tweeters exude positivity and tweet on the brighter side of life. They are a constant source of sunshine in the timeline. Their tweets are perennially retweet worthy!

I have come across a site called Analyse Words which analyses emotional content from your tweets. It determines your personality from the twitter text. Another site called TweetPsych creates a psychological profile of any public twitter account. I am not sure how much of this is valid, but these sites are worth checking out just for fun. Happy tweeting everyone!


  1. You what's great about this, Nicky? You embody and exemplify all of these types! You're a gem. Keep rockin, shining star✩ – peri

  2. Hi Nicky – Thanks for sharing your insights! I hope I'm a balance of all 6 listed. I especially like the two Tweet web apps! Look forward to your next post! Keep lighting up the Twittersphere! #YouRock!


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