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The 5 E’s Of Social Media

In order to do well in the world of social media, you need to do some things right. We see…

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4 Reasons To Give Someone a +K on @Klout

What’s @Klout? It’s a tool which measures your online influence. It finds out how well you’re doing in the social…

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The Growth Of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

We know that social media is growing at an astonishing speed. People of almost all age groups are adapting to…

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SocialScope – A Powerful Social Media Blackberry App

I’m thrilled to present yet another guest post on The Nicky Blog! This piece is written by Lionel Faleiro aka…

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How Personal Should You Be On Twitter?

People constantly say that it is important to be personal on social networking sites. Social media is about communication. What…

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Get A Job In Social Media In 5 Minutes [INFOGRAPHIC]

As we saw in this post, companies are constantly looking out for recruits in the world of social media. Who…

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Meet @ARKarthick – Awesome Blogger & SocialMedia Enthusiast

I am incredibly honored to bring yet another interview of a fab twitter user – @arkarthick ! Everyone on twitter…

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Psychology Of Twitter Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

So you’re on twitter and the first thing you do is follow different people. Some people follow you back, some…

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How Not To Be Annoying On Twitter

We love to tweet. Some of us (or should I say, MOST of us) tweet a LOT. Now, when we…

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