How Not To Be Annoying On Twitter

We love to tweet. Some of us (or should I say, MOST of us) tweet a LOT. Now, when we tweet almost 24/7, every single tweet cannot possibly be ‘great content’. We do tweet random stuff as well. For example, if you’re going out to dinner with someone, you tweet about it. If you just ate a McDonalds burger, you tweet about it. And sometimes if you’re happy or sad, you tweet about it.  But hey, we’re human and tweeting your thoughts makes your profile more ‘human’, right? But what is it that exactly annoys your followers leading them to unfollow you? Are you an annoying tweeter? Here are some possible examples of ‘annoying tweets’:

1.  What you should NOT do: Auto DM and Spam. You might have received DMs like “haha i found this pic of you it had me laughing hard.. ROFL [LINK]” or something like “ @ somebody uses TrueTwit validation service. To validate click here [LINK]”. While the first one is definitely spam, the TrueTwit one is just plain….annoying? I mean, do I have to click on that link to prove my humanness? I unfollow tweeps who send me such DMs, and there, just because of that DM, you just lost a follower. So, in my opinion, TrueTwit never works. And the DM that everyone loves to hate, the “hi, thanks for following me. Check out my Blog [LINK] and Facebook [LINK] and let’s be friends there!”. Also, remember: Don’t constantly sell your product. Don’t get way too personal. Don’t send negative tweets hating on someone.

  What you should do: Please DON’T click on suspicious links! Even if it says things like “Hey someone is saying bad things about you [LINK].” It’s fake and just a way to gain access to your twitter password and thus your twitter account can get hijacked. And, Auto DM, no.

2. What you should NOT do: Promote others, constantly. Don’t do it. I bet you wouldn’t like your timeline to be filled with “FOLLOW @ somebody who has 50,000+ FOLLOWERS AND YOU’LL GET 100+ FOLLOWERS IN MINUTES!! OMG IT WORKS!”

What you should do: Occasional shoutouts or #followfriday tweets are okay, but no ‘promos’. Also, #avoid #using #too #many #hashtags #in #one #tweet.

3. What you should NOT do: Tweet *ONLY* scheduled content all day and night.

What you should do: Engage too! As I wrote in this article, Tweet scheduling is great, but tweet in real-time as well.

4.  What you should NOT do:  TMI Tweets. “Omg, my boss is such an idiot!”, “I just sneezed!”, “Hey guys! I just drank water :D” ….And you get the picture. Don’t.

What you should do: We should know where to draw the line, in terms of tweets, considering the fact that people all over the world read our tweets. Make your tweets interesting! If you’re going to tweet about some great food you ate, instead of the boring, “Eating out” tweet, add a picture along with it and discuss which places serve great food too. So, a normally boring tweet about food can actually lead to further discussion and fun conversations.

What do you think? Do you agree/disagree with this post? Are there any kind of tweets that annoy you? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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    • I agree with Fay. Everything on the list are really annoying stunts pulled off on Twitter but I have to admit I am one of those people who does the number 4 item frequently.

      It’s part of my personality on Twitter. I do that mostly to engage and connect with friends. Usually these useless statements strike up conversations like “Oh! I just ate one of those too!” Things like that.

      But for my business Twitter account, I try to refrain from it. Important clients aren’t exactly going to get all excited about what I had for lunch. 😀

      • Hi Louiza, what you do is right, these little informations about our day can start off conversations 🙂 But what makes it annoying is too much information like I mentioned that some people tweet “my boss is such an idiot” or “i just sneezed” etc, I don’t think such tweets add any value to the stream, right? 🙂 And I agree with you, it’s should be avoided in Business twitter accounts 😀 Thanks for your great comment! 🙂

  1. Links yesss!!!! when I started tweeting I my mistake clicked one link from my inbox and then automatic messages started flowing from my inbox t omy followers… I felt pretty shame on this stupid act then Pramit brother helped me provide a solution to my problem… yes hate this follow him and you’ll get 1,000 followers… let people follow you by who you are… they will be your true followes / friends… hahahah… thank GOD my boss is not on Twitter (I feeeeel safeee :p) …. in the end what a blog Nicky wowwwww!!! you keep impressing me with every single post… you are blessed with a tremendous ability to write and express what you feel… plus an awesome geek …. hats offf my lovely friend!!!

    • Rightly said Yousuf! “Let people follow you by who you are… they will be your true followers / friends” – couldn’t have put it in a better way! 🙂 I appreciate your comment! Thanks a TON 😀

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