4 Reasons To Give Someone a +K on @Klout

What’s @Klout? It’s a tool which measures your online influence. It finds out how well you’re doing in the social media world. From what I see, Klout has mixed reactions from people. I am not a huge fan of Klout – but I don’t hate it either. Klout doesn’t take the number of followers into consideration while giving you your score. It sees your retweets, mentions (on twitter), likes, comments (on Facebook) and so on. Some blogs lately have been stressing on the fact that – yes, Klout matters. What do you think? (I’ll keep my detailed opinion for another post.)

We  always see tweets in our timeline in which people give +Ks to others and some tweeps thanking others for the same. The feature of +K in Klout  is just like giving someone a thumbs up in a particular topic. Here are some of the reasons why you should +K others.

1.       You love what they share: A +K is like sending your appreciation to someone’s content. If you like what they share, let them know by giving a +K in Klout. It will help build connections. And the feeling you get when someone appreciates what you share, is great! 🙂

2.       You would like to express your gratitude: A +K can also be a way of saying thank you. If a tweep shares content which has greatly impacted you, helped you, inspired you in some way or the other, let them know by giving them a +K.

3.       They are helpful: If someone from your friends list or twitter followers has always been helpful to you or they always provide great stuff which stands out from the others and makes a difference, I think they definitely deserve a +K.

4.      They influence you: If someone you know, has great influence in a particular topic – giving them a +K will not only create another way to engage with them but it will also give them a motivation to keep sharing great content in those areas of interest. It’s like saying, “Hey, you provide great stuff based on a topic (say: social media), keep it coming!”

+K does not affect your Klout score. According to the Klout team, the main intention of introducing it is driving engagement and building a community by dividing the content into topics.

So go ahead, sign in to Klout give someone a +K! 🙂 What do you think of this feature? Interesting? Useless? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Cool post – Im not sold on Klout yet, struggling to see the value of it apart from the “gee whizz” factor as in “Gee whizz my score’s gone up from 51 to 53… And that’s better than him he’s only a 49!! Great”. There are certain people who influence me who use it however as a means of spreading goodwill so I’ll try it for a while… Thx for posting, keep up the good writing
    Sean recently posted..Life lessons from a rainstorm…My Profile

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