The 5 E’s Of Social Media

In order to do well in the world of social media, you need to do some things right. We see so many people on the various social networks who make the best use of everything that #SoMe world has to offer. But contrary to what the word “SoMe” suggests, social media is not all about me me me. It’s about YOU first. All of you. With a little bit of me sprinkled in between. That’s how I see it – social media is a combination of you and me. On observing some great tweeps in my timeline, here I have made a list of the 5 important “Es” Of Social media.

Engagement is key.

You knew this would be on the list, right? What is social media without engaging? The discussions that follow after a status update, a tweet or a Google+ update are what makes interaction fun and interesting. Some greats like @sharonhayes know exactly what drives people to comment on her posts leading to mad engagement on her page.

Elevate/Encourage others.


 Try your best to encourage, elevate and inspire other people, and the best way to do it is by being positive in your approach. You will come across plenty of rude and not-so-nice people in your social media journey. But over time, you’ll learn how to tackle them without losing your cool. Handling all kinds of people without losing your calm and collected self is a trait of a social media rockstar.

Educate others (And yourself)


Through the content you share, make sure that you’re sharing something worth reading and learning from. Give something new and receive something new – everyday. Out of the 200 million tweets posted per day, excluding the noise, I’m sure there are tons of tweets which have superb content. Sharing (educating others) and learning (educating yourself) are an integral part of social media.



On twitter, if you find tweets that are exceptionally good, tweet them again. For one reason – Timezones. Not everyone is online at the same time, and to make sure more followers see it and for more retweets, you might want to tweet it again. But not again and again and again in one day. You get the picture.



Basically, social media is supposed to be fun and amidst all this seriousness, don’t lose that sense of enthusiasm that brought you here. Interact as much as you can, ask fun questions, make new friends, grow your network. Social media is just a fun playground and your job is to explore it!

Do you have more “E’s” to add? Share your thoughts below!

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