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Social Media For Newbies: 6 Things To Include In Your Presentation

Here is yet another guest post on The Nicky Blog! This post is by Andrée-Anne Bilodeau aka @AndreeAnneB 😀 More…

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An Open Letter To Social Media Addicts

  Dear Social Media addicts,   First things first – don’t deny it. Acceptance is the first step towards change….

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6 Types Of Retweets On Twitter

Our tweeting experience is incomplete without retweeting. Everybody loves to retweet. As @Flipbooks said, “If you ain’t retweeting, you ain’t…

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How Social Media Is Impacting Our Lives

Waking up and reading twitter like it’s the morning newspaper, stuck in traffic and writing a facebook update about it…

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4 Reasons Why Twitter Is Like Chocolate

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. Weird analogy, right? How can twitter be like chocolate? The title may sound…

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12 Funny And Witty Celebrity Twitter Bios

The second thing people look at when they visit your twitter profile (the first being your avatar) is – your…

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How And When Does Everyone Use Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

If we look at our everyday schedules we’ll find that we spend most of time online. It may be for…

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5 Ways To Thank Twitter Followers For Retweets

Getting retweeted gives you a great feeling, right? It means that someone liked what you shared and they would like…

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