How And When Does Everyone Use Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

If we look at our everyday schedules we’ll find that we spend most of time online. It may be for social media, games, videos, news, information, shopping and entertainment. If we look carefully, we realize that our life has started to depend on these activities. But sometimes, we do take time off to watch tv, play games on the console, read newspapers/books/magazines and listen to the radio. Have you ever wondered – people of which age group are most active on the various media during the 24 hours of a day? What do they spend their time on during a particular time of the day? The following infographic provides extensive details about the activities of the different generations based on data to Ad Age by Magid generational strategies. It divides the generations into baby boomers, generation X, Adult Millennials, Teen Millennials and iGen. Check it out!


Infographic courtesy MBAOnline

Thanks to @gupshupblog for sending me this infographic!


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