1. I’m really appreciating your post and have found much of what you say to be true in my experience as well.

    From a technology side, I want to say that I’ve tried Buffer a few times. I find it to be a bit clunky. (I’ve only tried the free version.) Timely.is on the other hand has a great interface, slick browser add-on and does what Buffer does without the limitations (# of pre-buffered posts) on the free version. I am in NO WAY affiliated with http://timely.is/. I just like their product.

    Playful blessings,
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  2. Timely.is a fine product in many ways, worthy of use, but unusable for me personally. Both Buffer and timely.is allow you to “click it and forget it,” and as such are each terrifically easy to use. But:

    • Timely.is only offers 1, 3, 5 or 9 posts per day, which doesn’t work when I have some other number that needs to go out that day.
    • Buffer has drag-and-drop rescheduling, timely.is has no rescheduling.
    • Buffer integrates directly into Twitter.com, timely.is does not.
    • Buffer has a “post this now” option, timely.is does not.
    • Buffer updated their interface recently—I love the changes—and added Facebook integration.

    There are a bunch of other possible feature comparisons (for example, Buffer’s fine analytics), but these are the ones that I personally use and couldn’t do without most days.

    I also like that Buffer allows you to heavily customize scheduling, and therefore integrates great with apps such as Tweriod and WhenToTweet, which analyze your followers to determine when the best times are to reach them. (I’ve been testing this with several schedulers, including but not exclusively Buffer.)
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  3. Dear Dave,

    Fairly new to Twitter, I saw your name in a retweet. Curious. Klikked the link. And found out that you are THE Twitter specialist. I connected right away.
    Hope to learn from you.
    I’ll try to contribute valuable stuff to your & followers.

    – Jos

  4. Good article Dave, although I would like to comment on lie no. 3 about starting a business. You have given a couple of examples which make it sound extremely easy, although as I’m sure you’re aware there are thousands of businesses which fail in the first couple of years. I would say that the vast majority either fail or provide a living wage.

    I agree that the environment makes it easier to start a business, but making it successful is another thing.

    I also agree about being risky. Starting a business shouldn’t be risky. Unfortunately a lot of people make it risky by not taking advice, not doing a business plan, not doing market research, etc.. and blaming the failure on bad luck.
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