Social Media For Newbies: 6 Things To Include In Your Presentation

Here is yet another guest post on The Nicky Blog! This post is by Andrée-Anne Bilodeau aka @AndreeAnneB 😀 More info about the author at the end of the post. Enjoy!

The first training I gave on social media was to my new boss during my last internship. She knew nothing about it, and I was lucky she even had a Facebook profile. When that happens, your first thought might be “Perfect! A blank page not stained by bad habits!” While this might be true on some level, training newbies is more challenging than it might appear.

I learned through many presentations that there are elements and concepts we tend to forget or go over really fast because they are so obvious to us. This is not so bad when showing a friend his way around but companies can’t afford to do it wrong. To make sure you’re always ready and clear during your presentation, here are 6 obvious things you want to include:

1.      Vocabulary

When you spend your day talking to people like yourself, you tend to forget that tweet, RT, views, like, SEO, ROI, etc. aren’t words most of the world know how to use. Explaining the vocabulary social media uses – with examples please – will make the rest of your presentation flow better.

2.      What is social media?

No one is going to ask you that directly because they’ll be scared of sounding stupid, which is why you have to explain it. You just need to include a slide or two, and to make it easy to understand.

3.      What can social media do for them?

This is the moment where you tell them why they should be using social media. Avoid generalisations; use examples that apply to them.

4.      Content and engagement

“What kind of things should I share? How do I know if it’s relevant? What if someone criticizes me publicly? ” Again, pick examples relevant to them.

5.      Tools

Once you’ve told them all they can do with social media, don’t forget to tell what tools are the best: Hootsuite, tweetdeck,twitpic, lockerz,, etc. Be prepared to explain how those works too!

6.      Social media etiquette

Going over the major Do’s and Don’t’s rules with them, and explain what the consequences are (or can be). Pick the most important ones (RT, no auto DM, etc.).

There you have it, the 6 obvious things to remember to include in your presentation about social media. If you have any comments, don’t forget to share with us below!

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About The Author

  Andrée-Anne Bilodeau:

Young graduate from Laval University (Québec city) with a Bacc in Advertisement and a certificate in Consumer  behavior. Self-taught in the art of social media and graphic design (beginner). Blogger on Tumblr about confidence, self-esteem and health. Find more about her here:

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  1. Great Post and very informative. I’m getting ready to do my first public speaking engagement on how to properly start a social media campaign and what to include. Thanks for the great tips.

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