12 Funny And Witty Celebrity Twitter Bios

The second thing people look at when they visit your twitter profile (the first being your avatar) is – your bio. In 160 characters or less, you’re supposed to describe yourself along with mentioning what you do, what you love to do, what you want to do and so on. Some people keep it simple, some keep it real and some keep it highly interesting and clever. And celebrities are no different! I checked out the bios of various celebrities on twitter and found that some of them actually have a great sense of humor (sometimes bordering on weird as well). Here are some handpicked twitter bios of celebrities to give you a chuckle or two!

1. @ConanOBrien


2. @aplusk


3. @Davidhenrie


4. @TheEllenShow



5. @TomHanks


6. @DaneCook


7. @JohnCusack


8. @KevinSpacey


9. @MrsLRCooper


10. @SarahKSilverman


11. @QueenRania


12. @NiaVardalos


If you would like to suggest more celebs with witty bios, share it with us in the comments! 🙂

Twitter icon thanks to Kamarashev

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  1. Hi Nicky, First of all thanks for giving some interesting twitter short bio. As know that twitter is provide just 160 character to write about your self. It always hard for people, I do not talk about everyone but, for me it’s hard to explain myself in short bio. But some people are did it easily and cleverly. For normal people it does not meas that what you are updating as your short bio, because your friend and family member and some social friends only read your short bio and if you are making any mistake that it is not big things. But if you think from celebrity side it’s mean a lot because lot’s of their following them and keep watching on what they are updating and what they are tweet. Even Media also stick on their accounts. All above Short bio’s are some interesting and funny too. But they update it cleverly. Thanks for sharing something new rather than tips and tricks. Keep updating and i always loves to read your interesting post.

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