How To Increase Engagement On Social Media (2022)

How To Increase Engagement On Social Media (2022)

Social networking – everybody loves it and actively participates in it. In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe, up from 2.46 billion in 2017. It has only gotten bigger since then.

These are some big numbers.

One of the many reasons for the huge growth in the users of social media is the easy access of smartphones. The internet is at our fingertips and our thoughts get translated into words online within seconds. On social media, people are following thousands and being followed by millions.

So how do you achieve high engagement and get conversations started when there are just too many people tweeting, instagramming, and pinning their hearts out?

Well, it’s tough but not impossible.

Engaging people was easier back in 2011 but it’s challenging now. The number of users has drastically grown and well, so has the clutter. It’s essential to get noticed among the chaos.

I have compiled a list of the things that I’ve observed people (and brands!) do, that gives them lots of responses online. So here are 8 proven ways to increase your social media engagement:


1. Ask a Question

If you look at the instagram accounts of quite a few Youtubers, you’ll notice that their captions almost always end with a question. If someone is posting about their Halloween costume, they ask their followers what they are going to be dressing up as. This strategy of prompting your followers not only ensures responses but also guarantees conversations!

This is not just applicable to celebrities though. Every user can expect at least a few responses when a relevant question is asked. It’s an awesome way to engage and get people talking.


2. Create a Poll

Ever since instagram, twitter and facebook have integrated polls into their apps/sites, people have used it and how! You will see polls about anything and everything. Which country do you want to visit? Which is your favorite fast food item? Which is your favorite tv show? The list is endless. When you create a poll, you can ask people to comment WHY they chose an option and there you have it – you’ve just got some interaction.

3. Participate in a Chat

Sometimes, you don’t have to create a post yourself. Instead, you can just participate in a conversation! When you get involved in online chats on twitter like #mediachat #blogchat and many others, you’ll find like-minded people and form relationships with them. These people will then follow you, remember you and engage with you in the future. A win-win situation!


4. Use Relevant Hashtags

Having followers who understand and follow your content is great and all – but how do you attract people who aren’t following you but might like your stuff? Hashtags! Hashtags are powerful and a boon in social media and someone who knows to use them well will surely see success. Find out what people are searching about, check out what’s trending, read what people are talking about and use this information for your benefit. On social media, things stay ‘relevant’ for a short amount of time and what you need to do is make the most of every keyword!


5. Use Images, Videos, GIFs

If you’re trying to get someone’s attention online, visuals are the way to go. Add images, videos, gifs, quizzes, infographics and any other media to keep it attractive and eye-catching. Try to include one of these in almost every post, so that when your follower is scrolling through the feed, your post sticks out.

An appropriate image to go with your text will speak a thousand words.


6. Comment, Comment,  Comment!

It’s easy to get caught up in the routine of just posting all day everyday. But, you must remember that engagement is a two-way street. If you provide valuable comments on content created by others, they will do the same for you. Facebook groups are perfect for this purpose. Take an example of a facebook group consisting of new mommies. New moms have many questions on their minds and if you have any answers, go ahead and share your insights. These mommies will then respond to your questions when you post them.


7. Choose the Right Time

One of the reasons why you are not getting engagement on your social media posts might be that you are not posting at the right time. Try posting at different times, schedule posts and figure out when your followers are most active. If you keep posting content while your audience is sleeping, you won’t get much of a response, no matter how amazing your posts are.


8. Keep it Interesting

Yup. Nobody wants to see boring posts.

Keep things fresh and interesting. Add your own personality to the captions. Insert humor if needed.

If you’re a brand trying to get some conversions, don’t forget to add a call-to-action. A call-to-action is any term that urges your reader to DO SOMETHING. Youtubers tell you to subscribe to their channel and like their videos every single time because it works! Imagine if brands didn’t add any call-to-action on their posts. Social media would essentially prove to be futile for them.

Summing Up

Social media is nothing without the social and if you’re struggling with low interaction, follow the tips given in this article. Hope these points provided useful information to you about increasing engagement in social media. Do you have more tips to boost engagement online? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I do agree with choosing the right time, sometimes when I post a picture in my Instagram account, I always upload it at night time when most people are active in their social medias. Anw, thanks for the tips!

  2. Hey Nicky, Amazing write-up. I guess using hashtags and connecting people through live stories and status is much effective than others. Though I have one query in my mind – Can you suggest me the right no. of hashages to use in single post? Waiting for your reply.

  3. Hey, I know it has a way different now in 2019 in increasing engagement in social media. Actually, they are some similarity still used in this year. Asking a question and using poll is one of the popular strategies most people used to reach out their thousand followers and participate in the thread.

  4. Live videos are definitely in right now. They work great for increasing your reach and can even generate conversions if you know how to set up comment triggers for messaging. I’d also like to mention post timings as an important factor for engagement. If you post when your audience is asleep or working, you’re not going to get much attention. You can check your own social media analytics to see the times at which your posts perform best.

  5. Asking the question to the audience is the most trading strategy now.
    Lots of high-rated influencers are trying those strategies nowadays. I found your article very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Facebook is a popular social media, now just as most people use Facebook to communicate and do business, so they use Facebook to promote business and business through it.We sell Facebook Accounts and Facebook Business Account

  7. Creative! 🙂 Got some great ways to increase engagement on social media. I do agree with the list. Especially, “5. Use Images, Videos, GIFs” is the most vital point to remember and follow for boosting social media. By the way, I appreciate the brilliant words. Thanks and keep posting more about this topic.

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