5 Things You Should Not Do On Social Media

5 Things You Should Not Do On Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and might I say, even Google+ (for some) are some of the mainstream social media platforms that have virtually taken over people’s lives. It has become commonplace to see teens and even adults staring intently into their brightly lit mobile phone screen taking in everything the internet has to offer. Now, the cyberspace can be extremely informative depending on how you use it, so it isn’t completely wrong to be on your phone but of course, one must strike a balance between your time online and real life.

Unfortunately, the internet can also be a dangerous place (emotionally and even physically) if you’re not careful about what you do online. Here are a few things that teens and adults alike, should not do on social media.

1. Compare

Photo by Volkan Olmez


This is just so easy to do. Open instagram, see all the women and men with perfect bodies, perfect houses and the most fashionable outfits and what do we end up doing? Comparing ourselves with them and in the process, being sad about it.

It’s great to appreciate what someone else has, definitely! But do remember that social media is more of a ‘best moments’ photo gallery.
Let me explain.

Everybody wants to show others their best achievements, best family moments, and the days when they feel like they are looking their best. But most of the times, we are not aware of their struggles and problems, just like us. Truth is, those candid photos of models are staged, those ‘just out of bed’ selfies are taken after a makeup session and many pics are heavily edited.
Even if some of your friends seem to have a great life (according to their instagram feed), know that it’s just their ‘highlight reel’.

Basically, all we have to do is be grateful for what we have. If you want to achieve something, work hard for it and you will get it. ‘Comparing is the thief of joy’ and rightly so.

2. Share Too Much

Master isolated images


You have to be very careful about what you post online regarding your phone numbers, addresses, and even your current location (especially if you’re not with a big group at that moment). It’s alright to share where you’ve been after you’re back home. If you’re smart, you’ll know that safety is first. Period.

3. Post Hate Comments

David Castillo Dominici

I don’t know why, but I feel like the number of hate comments I see on any celebrity’s instagram, twitter or youtube increase multifold every year. This wasn’t the case when twitter/instagram initially started off. For example, after the Miss Universe 2015 fiasco, I see constant hate comments on almost every contestant’s page.

There’s a vast difference between posting criticism and spewing full blown hate. Celebrity or not, no one deserves bullying and online bullying is no different. A person might call a girl ‘ugly’ online and log off, but that girl will think about it all day leading to low self esteem. Words are powerful, use them wisely.

4. Racial slurs, death threats, curse at specific people.

Sira Anamwong

These are a part of bullying but they deserve a separate mention. These are never okay, online or offline. Honestly, such are the things that make social media irksome.

5. Rant about work /coworker

Stuart Miles

I know some co-workers can get on your nerves and we all have bad days at work, but as much as you feel like cussing out that annoying co-worker or, gasp, even your boss, take a step back. It’s never a good idea, even if you don’t take names. Some companies do a background check and that involves your social media too. If you completely hate your job, co-workers and it’s taking a toll on you – leave it. If you think talking to the HR department will solve it, try that. But ranting on public platforms, especially twitter, will only cause more harm than good.

So that was it! There are many more things that you should absolutely not do on social media, and if you can think of more, do let me know in the comments. For now, happy holidays and have a great new year! Here’s to 2016! 🙂


Photo credits:

Featured image original by Luke Chesser

‘Sad girl’ image by Volkan Olmez

Photos by Freedigitalphotos.net (David Castillo Dominici, Master isolated images, Sira Anamwong,Stuart Miles)

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