Can You Use Memes To Grow Your Online Presence?

Memes. They’re everywhere. You can’t escape them. They have turned not-so-known phenomenons into a worldwide craze. It has made the world laugh at some weird but harmless humor. It has also made a few people’s careers (tip of the hat to yodeling boy Mason Ramsey).

And yes. Memes have given birth to challenges. Some good ones and some unfortunate ones (read: #kikichallenge)
Side note: Don’t get out of a running car, kids. Just…don’t. 

Here’s the point of telling you all this – memes are what makes things viral these days. Once you recognize that, this is the next question that’ll probably come to your mind: Can you grow your online presence with some memes?

You sure can! Take a look at how you can do that:

Make your brand’s identity more fun



A brand using a meme – is it unprofessional? Strange? Not always! Memes do work well with a certain demographic, and if millennials are a part of your company’s demographic, then I’d say go for it. Just make sure that it’s harmless and doesn’t get you or anyone else in trouble.

Netflix is a prime example of how some clever social media wit and understanding the online culture can bring your brand to the forefront. Getting people to talk about your brand (in a good way) all the while making your brand’s identity MORE fun is a win-win situation.

Grow your instagram account

Memes are viral for a certain timeframe and you gotta use that to your advantage. If you use the right hashtags at the right time, with funny or creative images/videos, you’re sure to get likes, followers and grow your instagram account. There are tons of accounts which only post such content and have 1 million+ followers each.

Use your facebook page to promote your business


Memes are equally effective on Facebook. What a lot of pages do is build a significant following on FB and then gradually push their sponsored posts or their own products. This ensures that your business gets an audience immediately and you don’t have start from ground up.

Go viral

As I previously mentioned, Mason Ramsey, the 11 year old yodeling boy, became a viral sensation by singing in Walmart. DJ Suede made a remix of his singing video and went instantly viral too. The DJ is now better known than before. His talent and memes get the credit for that.

So there you go! Memes aren’t just funny, but they can also be utilized to grow your brand awareness online. Again, it’s important to ensure that they are harmless and genuinely generate a laugh.



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