Why is Twitter so popular?

Let’s start with some facts.

Twitter has approximately 225 million users and rapidly growing.

About 200 million tweets are sent each day. In January of 2009, users sent two million Tweets a day, and in 2010, they posted 65 million a day.

There are one million registered twitter apps as of July 11,2011.

These aren’t small numbers. Twitter is going strong and I don’t see its popularity going down anytime soon.

But why is twitter SO popular? What has struck a chord with millions of people all over the world?

Here are some of the reasons why~

1. It’s not complicated, at all. Just type in the tweet box and tweet – it’s not rocket science. A 140 character limit calls for more concise and compact conversations unlike email and Facebook. Soon, it becomes an addiction and you won’t be able to spend a day without your twitter fix. Simple and fun – you will quickly adapt to it and start loving it.

2. You feel popular:

Admit it, when your follower number increases, you feel a rush of happiness, don’t you? Twitter makes you feel important. Everyone wants to become famous. Twitter gives you a feeling of virtual fame and having ‘followers’. It’s perfectly human to feel so. Twitter makes you feel appreciated , loved, wanted and sometimes, it is a perfect companion to combat loneliness.

3. You get new friends: I have some friends on twitter who I trust  even more than my real life friends. When you’ve been on twitter long enough and you’ve made some great friends, you’ll love twitter even more. It is a mutual bond created between people which transcends the boundaries of countries 🙂

4. You express your thoughts.

On twitter, you feel like someone listens to you – you have an audience. People tweet whatever crosses their mind – opinions, comments, jokes, questions and other people respond to it. Twitter has somewhat become an online diary for some, too. I think one of the reasons why twitter is popular because it gives you a platform to express yourself.

5. Celebrities: Celebrities are the reason why thousands of people join twitter. ‘Beliebers’, ‘Little monsters’ etc take over trending topics very often. Celeb tweets even make it to your televisions as news. There’s no denying the fact that twitter gains some of its popularity from celebrities.

6. Traffic to blogs/websites: Finally, twitter brings traffic. Tons of it. One of my guest posts was retweeted by a celebrity on twitter and the traffic skyrocketed. A lot of people blog and twitter brings them visitors and pageviews. Twitter can help a blogpost go viral too.

Did I miss out any points? Why do YOU think twitter is so popular? Leave a comment! 🙂

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  1. Wow Nicky, its so lovely to see SO many more people shouting with me “Go Twitter!!!” no matter what ;D!!!

    And yes, Twitter has been a space where you can Completely Express yourself, where SO many people have formed some of the deepest relationships and bonds, and when you hear or come to know about it, its so amazing & heart warming :D!!! Wow, and blog posts getting views & going viral, that draws a BIG smile on one’s face :D!!! Love the pic you’ve put up after Pt. 2…..LOL!!!

    In all, a short, sweet, amazing & wonderful job done ;D!!! Keep it up my friend :D!!! Looking forward to many many wonderful & amazing posts ahead :D!!!

  2. I also like the fact that I can quickly and easily plug into a host of interesting articles and blogs all connected with my interests – FB and web-browsing in contrast seems clumsy and a lot more time consuming…

  3. I know this is certainly not a reason why most people join, but it’s definitely a great way to hone your writing skills. That 140 character limit means you have to cut out anything that is superfluous and get straight to the point. It’s definitely an attraction for anyone involved in communication. That’s one of the reasons why writers, copywriters, bloggers and marketers love it.

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