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10 Ways to Avoid Blogging Burnout

If you are a blogger, you will know that blogging burnout is just bad. One of a blogger’s most dreaded…

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How to write a popular blog post

You finish writing a post. You’ve worked really hard for it. And then you want it to be read by…

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4 Best Chrome Extensions to Mute any Tweeter

So here are 4 Chrome Twitter Extensions to mute any Twitter user, wherein you can ignore their tweets without unfollowing them.

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One year of blogging – An amazing journey

8th May 2010. The day when I started blogging is still etched in my mind. A little nervous, but much excited, I hit the publish button. I didn’t expect to receive so much love from the readers, friends and well wishers. Hence this post isn’t going to be about ‘tips’ or ‘how to’s’, but about ‘gratitude’ and ‘thank you’s 🙂

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Top 10 Traits of Terrific Tweeters

Well, I scanned through dozens of awesome twitter profiles, and noticed common factors between them. So here are the top ten traits of terrific tweeters

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