10 Ways to Avoid Blogging Burnout

If you are a blogger, you will know that blogging burnout is just bad. One of a blogger’s most dreaded situations is having absolutely nothing to write about. How many times have you decided to write a blog post but ended up staring at a blank page instead? That has happened to me a lot of times. So here are the things I’ve learned from my blogger friends and from my experiences about how to avoid and tackle blogging burnout.

1. Log off and go for a walk: Sometimes we need to clear our mind of thoughts to let the creative juices flowing and logging off is the best way to do it. The internet sometimes leaves us with a too much information state of mind and a walk is the best way to clear it off. A walk in the fresh air, early morning, can do wonders!

2. Write down your ideas on paper: If you’re a writer, you’ll agree with me when I say that you can get ideas anywhere! And by anywhere, I mean, anywhere: in your dreams, while you’re at work, at a party, while traveling, and even while taking a bath! When you have that ‘eureka’ moment, write it down on a piece of paper or on a little notepad. On some days we can’t immediately type a blog post on one little idea – hence to make it easier, we can write our ideas as they come, on paper. Trust me, it works!

3. Take some time off: We all need a break. Otherwise, it gets monotonous and our brain gets tired and stops generating new ideas. Taking some time off and just having fun with family and friends can help in relaxing your mind.

4. Don’t take too much time off: Sure, go out and have fun. But don’t take too much time away from your blog. One – because your blog will suffer, and two – because you’ll lose touch. Sometimes when you stay away from something for too long, you tend to lose track of things. Hence, stay away, but not too much.

5. Make a stock of  pre-written articles: I have a stock of articles written just in case I run out of topics to write about in the future. Also, just write down points as they come to you and elaborate them later. Constantly coming up with new ideas is tough, and these stock articles can come to your rescue when needed. It helps!

6. Read others’ blog posts and their comments: When you read others’ posts, you’ll understand and learn a lot of new things which might trigger off tons of ideas in your head. Don’t forget to read the comments too! If you are completely stumped, then revamp your older blog posts!

7. Think of a topic and make a series from it. I wrote articles for seven days at a stretch for a series called “Twitter series: Your Questions Answered” where I took seven questions and answered them every day for a week. Similarly, a “series” idea gives you a lot of ideas and content. 🙂

8. Oppose someone’s blog post: You might not necessarily agree with everything others write in their posts. Hence, you could write a post about how you do not agree with them (Don’t bash them though – Be nice!)

9. Tweet about it: If you have absolutely no clue what to write about – tweet about it. You could tweet  a question or just ask for some help. I’ve done it a couple of times and my twitter friends have been very supportive with ideas!

10. Read others’ tweets/Facebook updates/Google+ updates: Read, read, read! Inspiration is everywhere. From Facebook updates to Google+ updates to tweets to Google Alerts, you’ll find something from everywhere. Just keep your eyes and mind open 🙂

What are your ways to avoid blogger’s burnout? Add your comments below 🙂

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  1. Excellent post Nicky!!! tip 2 is so useful I use it regularly… this works every time… writing down ideas helps to invert more ideas… tip 3 is also very useful… time off sometimes gives more insights about our thoughts…

  2. I personally just blog about whatever comes to mind or about whatever is important to me. The only reason I’ve only recently started to blog when I’ve wanted to start earlier is because I’m rather lazy (and a few other reasons, but laziness seems to be the most prevalent). Rather than having “burnout” to where I don’t have any ideas, I’ll more likely have burnout to where I don’t want to write anything at all. It seems like the better of the two from my experience, since lethargic burnout can be recovered from through rest.

    So, sure, through my approach to blogging, there’s a larger chance of an empty gap in time between blog posts but less of a chance of using my time up to think about what to blog about. I’m planning to remedy this by including updates about my website, amoung other sorts of updates.

    (As an aside, it’s possible that there’s a discrepancy between our definitions of “burnout”)

  3. My wife and I started a blog in 2008, We wrote on it every couple of days or once a week, then I started writing on the blog each day for 3 months until I hit burnout. Possibly because I have young kids as well and my wife was pregnant again.

    So we just left the site for about 12 months+ just sitting there, with 4,000 FB followers, few hundred RSS subscribers. 10K+ visitors a month.

    My wife has now picked it up again, so its growing once again, never died off just kept gaining followers organically anyway.

    But how big it would have been now if we just kept at it. All because it took too much out of us, you tend to flip back and don’t want to ever touch the thing again when you push too hard forward for an extended period of time.

    • I’m glad that you (and your lovely wife) are back to blogging. Sometimes, we just need a break so that we can come back with greater energy, right? Much success to you both! 😀

  4. Hey! I read your blog and you are right, blogging is a very difficult task, it requires top notch vocabulary and up to date content. Thanks for the tips on how to avoid blogging burnout!

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