What type of questions can you ask on twitter?

This is the third post in a series called “Twitter series: Your Questions Answered” where I will take up ONE question each day for a week and answer it in the form of a blog post! Hoping it will be useful for newbies on twitter 🙂 Today’s question is:




What type of questions can you ask on twitter?

From what I’ve noticed, questions generate a LOT of response, trust me. Asking questions is definitely one of the things that increases your mentions. I’ve experimented with many type of questions and the responses I’ve received have been different for each of them. Here are the various kinds of questions you can ask on twitter for maximum response from your followers:

  1. Polls/surveys: You can ask your followers to choose one of the multiple options you give them and ask for their input. If you’re confused about which restaurant to visit in a country you’re touring, you can just tweet it in the form of a question! Since there are people from all over the globe on twitter, they can make things easier for you. #PowerOfTwitter 🙂
  2. Recommendations: You can ask for recommendations on a new gadget you intend to buy that’s recently hit the market. There are a lot of experts who can guide you on the “whys”, “wheres” and “how much” of different things – be it cameras, computers, or any other gizmo you can think of!
  3. Opinion/comments: Everybody speaks their mind on twitter, each one has their opinions. You can share an article you found and ask your followers whether they agree or not. You will get different perspectives from various people! Hence, you can initiate further conversations and debates.You can ask for feedback about a product, a website, anything! Recently, I had a slight problem in my android phone and I happened to tweet it. And from the replies I received, I could solve it in no time!  #PowerOfTwitterAgain 🙂
  4. Fun questions: In order to break the monotony in your stream and bring a fun element into it, ask amusing questions. Everyone likes to have fun on twitter. Some examples are: “Finish the sentence: If I had a super power it would be……..”, “What is your definition of Twitter?”, “If you could go to only ONE city in the world, which one would you go to?”. And so on. These fun questions will surely help you make some new friends and it can spark off an interesting conversation too!

How about you? Have you tried asking questions on twitter? What kind of questions? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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  1. Hi again Nicky 🙂 I like to use wordplay in my posts and a bit of poetry to catch the eye now and again, and I also build up to #FollowFriday with “Can it be?” “Surely not!” “yes, yes i think it IS!” “it’s it’s …” lol. It garners funny responses, and on occasion I change my avi to something really silly. I ask if the Tweeps are having a good day and ask Who Loves Twitter, and post #Quotes, my youtube funnies & my webpage links. I’m covering all angles really, and I’m currently coding a free twitter #Shoutout #Quote and advert poster app which I won’t post the link for (lol) here, and which I’m also using to point people towards your fine blog. Keep up the great work 🙂 Dave 0O-

    1. Hi again! 🙂 Wow, that is a fabulous way to connect with your followers, I must learn that! 🙂 You are doing a really great job by covering all angles!!!! Impressed! Thank you for stopping by again, it means a lot! 🙂

  2. Wow! I ask a lot of questions too.
    Some mentioned above and then some like

    Tweet me your Fav song/movie/sport it always helps in getting so many mentions

    So yeah, the fun questions always work

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