Email Etiquette : 15 Tips And Best Practices [Infographic]

In today’s world, we are in need of constant and quick communication in all its forms. We use Facebook, Skype, Twitter and of course, emails. From kids to elders, everybody makes use of email to connect – with friends, with business clients and many others.

Initially, when I emailed people, I didn’t think much and just normally wrote what I wanted to say to them. But as I came across more people (through Twitter and FB) and started interacting with them through emails, I found that there is a certain etiquette which needs to be followed.

Why, you ask?

Because, when we interact through emails, we aren’t talking to them face-to-face and that’s what makes it tricky. The concerned people do not *literally* talk to each other and hence they cannot see the tone and expression of the other person(s). Also, people tend to make a perception of you through your emails. In business, if your emails are not impressive enough, you might not get a response. It is important to express what we want to say in a proper manner such that it doesn’t lead to misunderstandings on the other side of the conversation.

How? Well, there are rules. Rules of Email etiquette. You might know some of them already, but it’s always good to have a reminder 🙂 Hope you like this infographic!


Hope these tips were helpful to you! 🙂

Infographic thanks to : One Lily Creative Agency

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