Interview with @pramitjnathan – Twitter’s Mr. Generous!

I am incredibly honored to have the super amazing Pramit J. Nathan (@pramitjnathan and his alter ego @IamPramit ) for an interview on The Nicky Blog! Having hit an astounding milestone of 200,000+ followers on twitter, he is one of the most influential tweeters around! Also widely known as Mr. Generous, he is always supportive of his friends. If you aren’t following him yet, well, you’re so missing out! Let’s get to know more about him in this interview! 🙂

1.    How did you come across twitter? Why did you decide to join twitter?

PJN: I could go into the why, when, how etc but I would rather only say, It was meant to happen! I am a product of Web 1.0 but with the crash of the dot com boom I changed direction for almost 6 years till Social Media came along. So you may say Web 2.0 gave birth to Pramit 2.0. It may seem like I am giving more credit than is due but Twitter has got me in touch with my true self, again. I am a people-person, and Twitter has proved to be the perfect platform for me to get in touch with the best that the world has to offer.


2.    You’re one of the most influential twitter users out there – how did you increase your Twitter influence?

PJN: I seriously doubt about being the most influential but I am definitely the happiest one, especially when I am on Twitter. I am full of gratitude when I see so many wonderful people spreading so much positivity and sharing such amazing stuff that I only try to emulate them by contributing in my small way to the Twitterverse. Guess that is what influence is all about – sharing and caring.


3.    How has Social media – mainly twitter — impacted your life?

PJN: Twitter is my daily source for news, knowledge, wisdom and humor so essentially it is my window to the web. It is said there are no strangers on Twitter, only friends who haven’t met, and I feel blessed to have so many of them across cultures, countries and continents. Twitter is the best example of “unity amidst diversity”. Whether it is a natural calamity or a people’s revolution, a global brand launch or any cause for celebration – tweeps, twitizens or call them by any other name are always standing together. I am proud be a part of such a rocking family!


4.    What would you say to people who think twitter is just a waste of time?

PJN: Don’t judge what you dont understand. I think everyone is entitled to their view and I fully respect that but I think we should all learn to give something a chance before pronouncing a judgement, even more so when it might influence others who may be deprived of a fantastic opportunity just because we were shooting from the hip. That is why I am saddened when eminent journalists make such baseless comments. With world leaders, business gurus and celebrities all tweeting now, it is clear that those who missed the race are the ones being bitter about it.


5.    What would be your advice to people who want to achieve success? What is your success mantra?

PJN: I have seen success and failure quite closely, and more than once in that order, to know that if you just focus on providing ‘Value’, success is a given. Don’t seek success just focus on how you can benefit as many people as you can with the ability you have been blessed with and the opportunity that you have been granted. When your time comes nothing can keep success away from you. And I have to say that knowledge is a universal remedy to all our maladies so continuously work towards self-development so that there is more of ‘You’ to give to the world.


6.    Who is your inspiration?

PJN: I have always said when asked this question that Mahatma Gandhi is my true inspiration. But recently I have been fascinated by the astounding success of Apple especially now when the company is rich enough to buy all its competitors. And knowing the journey that Steve Jobs had to undergo to make Apple reach where it is today, he is my current source of inspiration. He makes me feel that if a human being finds a mission and makes it his passion then nothing is impossible.


Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule for this interview, Pramit sir! 🙂 Wishing you lots of success in everything!

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  1. Pramit 2.0, my T’bro! Amazing thoughts on Twitter/Social media… It’s a honor to have you as a friend. I once saw someone even titled you as ‘Twitter Tsunami’, haha! no wonder. :))

    Spl thanks to Nicky for providing us such great posts. Keep rocking! 😀

  2. That is great. I follow both of you at twitter and it is very right to call PN as Mr.Generous. I learn a lot from all of your tweets.

  3. Well Pramit Bhaiya is always been there whenever I am stuck up with my Twitter life, I still remember his talks on phone, where he gave me some tips for getting more followers and being more engaging with everyone 🙂

    Hat’s off to you Big Brother 😀 and Happy Blogging Nicky 🙂

  4. Nicky,

    Thank for interviewing the Amazing Pramit –

    He is my brother and one of my closest friends on twitter!

    Most anyone would enjoy following Pramit (and you)!

    Warmest regards,


  5. Not following Twitter regularly and thankfully stumbled upon this article from a Google+ share. Nice article Nicky.

    “Mr. Generous” seems to be the right word for Pramit. Very generous, very helpful, and very intelligent.

  6. @Nicky You have done a great job interviewing @Pramit, he is indeed a great example to follow for ordinary tweeps like me 🙂

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