How To Handle Negativity On Twitter

We’ve all had instances when someone politely (and sometimes, not so politely) disagreed with us on twitter. Twitter is a micro blogging site where people post everything – blog links, music, quotes and also, their opinions. And there are times when one little tweet can trigger off something massive and can break friendships too. We definitely do not want to start off a twitter argument just because someone else’s opinions differ from ours. Sometimes, it is important to avoid it and ignore. Sometimes it becomes necessary to respond to negative tweets, depending on the situation.

But when should we ignore a negative tweet?

When someone criticizes you for your tweets and it is NOT constructive criticism. Recently, I got a really bad comment for my articles and that person was definitely someone from twitter. That person used a ton of curses and his reason was: he didn’t like what I write.
Now, I did not feel the need to reply to such a person because I think the main cause of his ‘outburst’ was plain jealousy. Since his comment had NO constructive criticism whatsoever, I chose to ignore it and delete his comment. Sadly, we cannot control what others say about us and neither can we delete others’ negative tweets about us. The best thing we can do is, stay classy and ignore it. Remember, when people hate on you, you must be doing something right.

When someone replies to your tweets saying they hate them: I don’t understand this sometimes. When you don’t like someone’s tweets, just unfollow them. It’s that simple. But some people choose to tell them that they hate their tweets. When I receive such replies, here’s what I do: I block and then unblock them. This unfollows both ways, that is, they’re no longer following you, and you’re no longer following them. No more fuss.

And when should you reply to a negative tweet?

When someone blames you for something you haven’t done.  Last year someone on twitter blamed me for starting someone’s ‘false death’  Trending Topic . I was annoyed to say the least. ANNOYED. When someone blamed me for something I DIDN’T do, I was naturally very frustrated. I didn’t ignore it. I chose to tweet him and told him why his allegations are baseless. After some time he realized that he had confused me for someone else and tweeted me by mistake and later, he apologized. See? Sometimes, replying to negative tweets helps to clear off misunderstandings. But remember to respond and not react.

When someone disagrees with you.
I’ve had a lot of people disagreeing with me on twitter and I bet you have too. But how we respond makes all the difference. Don’t reply a rude tweet with a rude tweet. It will only mark the beginning of a huge twitter fight and your mutual followers will witness it all. Even if you delete those tweets later, they will still be visible on the internet through Google. You might not want your bosses and companies to read them. If you feel that a ‘discussion’ is turning into a ‘fight’, take it to DMs/private. And try not to curse in such situations (though I know it can be difficult….). Analyze the situation, check if you’re wrong. If yes, give your apologies and don’t be afraid to apologize publicly too. Saying sorry doesn’t make you small in any way, remember that. If not, just say that you respect their opinion and that you both have different mindsets and move on. Disagree, but kindly. If everyone agreed with each other, life would be boring, right? 🙂

How have you tackled such negative tweets/comments about you? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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  1. I love your topics…this one in particular because it addresses twitter behaviors. I had someone send me an offensive [at least I thought it was] tweet. Wasnt sure how to handle it so I just ignored the Sender. I believe I did the right thing. Your blog gave me some great points to handle things in the future. Thanks Nicky!

    • Hi Nataly, you did a right thing by ignoring it or else it could escalate further. You did great 🙂 Thank YOU for your kind comment 🙂

  2. I’ve been involved in a few twitter brawls and made a few mistakes, too! Some people have blocked me as well but my sense of humour shall prevail. I like things that are funny, interesting and creative. Your work is good. Jealousy of another’s work does arise, but that’s life

    • Hi Simon, yes, some people don’t take humor the right way and take it personally sometimes. Everyone has different perspective of things and we cannot do anything about it. As you said, that’s life. But we just gotta do our thing right? 🙂 Thanks for your comment and thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  3. I hate this post and I bet you can’t delete this comment! 😛 I am just kidding Nicky you know that, love.

    Let me not agree with you on a point you made there.
    “Since his comment had NO constructive criticism whatsoever, I chose to ignore it and delete his comment.”

    Don’t delete this type of comment, but engage in a conversation to show them how foolish they are not to point any constructive criticism. And a bad comment will always give you exposure, why? let me tell you, this is what I call “Bad Comments magic” — When they give you a bad comment, they always come back to see if you replied, and some them even ask their friends to join them in their quest to the “truth”, now you gain twice: hits and Community. See?


    • Hi Barryck, I respect your opinion 😛 But here’s my take on it~
      The comment I deleted was something like this:
      “Nicky, you’re a #f@1% you cannot write at all and whatever you write is B@3&^5$ Stop blogging and get a real job.” And much more which I can’t even tell you.
      ~ I didn’t feel the need to approve it, let alone reply to it. I believe if I retaliate to a really bad comment like the one above, I’m only letting them gain spotlight. If I just delete it, nobody sees their hatred and hence their attempt fails. This is *my* blog and I wouldn’t like anyone saying bad things about me here. Why give them {haters} space on *my* blog? That’s why I deleted it 🙂

      But thanks for your input too 🙂 We have different views on this topic and as I said, I respect yours too 😛 thanks for your comments! 🙂 #KeepRockin!

      • Now I do agree with you to delete such comments (I would have asked you to delete it if I saw it in your blog)
        But I was more talking about the comments that goes like this: “Hey I don’t agree with you on some points. Go get a life and forget about writing”

        Now that type of comment deserves an answer!

        #keeprocking sweet you!

  4. lolzzzz…. love the phrase “stay classy and ignore it. Remember, when people hate on you, you must be doing something right.” excellent blogpost Nicky as usual… the best thing about your every post is that it gives reason to think… a thoughtful post every single time… hmmmm if its constructive as you said I deal with with kindness (at first it was difficult to reply with kindness but then I realized that what they say is their karma and how I responds is mine) …. best thing is to stay positive always and reply back with an act of kindness… a kind word is the best reply to rude feedback…. keep writing Nicky, very very written blog… loved it!!! <3 <3


    • Rightly said, Yousuf! I agree with you. Thanks for your positive feedback on this post 😛 Glad to know that you’re stopping by my blog often and I appreciate that 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Negative comments are O.K. if it provides you some impetus to blog more, not the other way around. I did receive some b.s. both on my blog comments as well as on Twitter and tackle them sarcastically anyway! If fault is by my side, never hesitate to convey my apologies though. Brilliant post as usual, Nicky.

    Here is my little feedback for you: Why don’t you add Social media sharing buttons (Twitter, FB, G+) yet in here? I feel you’re missing some potential traffic.

    • Hi Sir! Great way to handle negative comments! Thanks for your kind words too.
      Regarding the Social media sharing buttons, I have some at the bottom of the post? If there are any more buttons, I’ll add them 🙂 Thanks for your input 😀 #KeepRockin!

  6. Every neg comment I have responded to so far clarifying and answering has resulted in good resp from neg tweeter…so far so good…and I prob hav been fortunate.

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