5 Food Travel Youtube Channels You Must Follow (2022)

5 Food Travel Youtube Channels You Must Follow (2022)

If you are like me, your youtube watch list includes food, food and more food. There’s a huge variety of food related channels on YouTube and each of them have their own specialty. There are channels like Tasty, Bon AppétitGrandpa Kitchen, Matt Stonie and tons more. There’s no dearth of good food around the world and some YouTube vloggers take us all over the globe through their videos. How fun it is to live vicariously through them! Watching their food videos helps me decide where I want to go in the future and what exactly to eat there. After all, we live to eat, don’t we? 🙂
Here, I have curated a list of my favorite YouTube travel food vloggers. Interestingly, they all mostly have videos related to Asian food. I am an Asian food lover myself and want to explore much more Asian food in the future. If you are a fan of Asian cuisine too, be sure to check out these channels and subscribe to them!

Best Food and Travel Bloggers to Follow on Youtube

Dumpling video YouTube

Strictly Dumpling

Mike Chen, the star of Strictly Dumpling is an Asian food enthusiast – and it shows! His love for food is evident in the way he talks about every dish. Mike has traveled to various parts of the world – India, Korea, Japan and more! The best part is that he gives genuine comments about the food, whether good or bad. His main channel boasts of 2.2 million subscribers who follow his food journey. One of my favorite food series by Mike Chen is when he visits 7 Eleven in different countries and shows what is unique in every single country. It’s a delight to watch him discover so much yummy food in every episode. I highly recommend his videos!

Food travel vlog

Chonny Day

I used to follow Chonny during his Kpop and comedy video days. I recently rediscovered him and was pleasantly surprised. Now, Chonny, with Dalena, create awesome travel food vlogs. Together, they show viewers the best places to eat in Korea, Singapore, Australia etc. He gives a rating out of 10 to the food which helps viewers estimate if they want to visit that place or not. It’s a treat to watch the couple travel around different cities and explore so many different cuisines and delicacies.

Best food YouTube channel

The Food Ranger

At the beginning of every video, you’ll be greeted by a warm, smiling face. That’s Trevor James, a street food and local food aficionado. He loves to get to know different cultures and shares his vast knowledge with his audience. His wonderful personality and food adventures have led him to amass 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube. Trevor believes that food is the best way to connect with others and I wholeheartedly agree! Food brings everyone together no matter where you’re from. Watch The Food Ranger to take a glimpse at street food from China, Malaysia, Thailand and more!

Food travel blogger

Mark Weins

Any food and travel-related list is incomplete without the one and only, Mark Weins! With a whopping 3.8 million subscribers, Mark has shown the world what a wonderful and knowledgeable video host he is! His face lights up whenever he sees food and that’s the mark of a food enthusiast right there. He’s also an author! Mark is based in Thailand but travels to many other countries in search of yummy food. I’m sure you are already following him but if you are not, you must!

Best Ever Food Review Show

best ever food review show

Hosted by Sonny Side, Best Ever Food Review Show lives up to its name. He is open to trying everything out in the world of food and travels to various locations so that we, the audience, can live vicariously through the videos. You can watch some rare and exotic food items as well as watch him complete some challenges where he tries to eat food worth $100 in a day. The show is a delight to watch and I highly recommend it. If you prefer watching food videos from specific countries, check out his playlists!

These were some of my top picks for the best food travel YouTube channels that you should follow! I hope you enjoy watching their videos as much as I do. Each vlogger mentioned in this list has their own style and charm, which makes for an awesome viewing. Have fun!

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  1. Best Ever Food Review Show

    For me its the best. It travel around the world and go to the extremely remote areas to shoot and the editing is excellent. The host is funny and he eat what the local eat during his shootings. He explore exotic and the most unique food in every country and eat it. I think he’s the one who did that thing, most of this people on the list eat only those common dishes. Sonny, the host of this show, eat worms, bugs, ants, rats, etc. He’s an amazing man.

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