If Facebook Shuts Down

We are obsessed with Facebook. We read our Facebook notifications and newsfeeds like it’s the morning newspaper. We update  statuses or links more than once a day. It has come to the point that talking to people in real life becomes awkward to some. Some can’t even remember life before Facebook. Even after new distractions, aka Google+, some people have loyally stuck to one the biggest websites in the world.  Considering the mass following (about 457.4 billion page views in June according to comScore) Facebook has garnered over the past few years, have you ever wondered how dependent we are on FB now? I’m a complete twitter girl, but Facebook does play an important part in my life too. What would our life be without Facebook? Would it be the same? Or would it drastically be affected? Read on!

If Facebook didn’t exist or just shut down…

1.      People won’t remember each others’ birthdays. 

2.     People will have to find another place to boast or rant. 

3.     People will go to twitter to post deep inspiring quotes.

4.     No  FB sharing, Facebook groups, Fan pages, and Events – Bloggers, marketers, brands will be largely affected. 

5.     No more poke/stalk friends and strangers. People might actually start talking to each other in real life.

6.    No more ‘it’s complicated’ relationship statuses.

7.    No more imaginary farms…

8.    No more annoying game/app requests.

9.    No more tags in awkward photos and hundreds of photos of yourself in different albums.

10.  More time for our hobbies, activities aka productive work.

So according to me, if there was no Facebook, there would be positives as well as negatives. What do you think? Do you have more points to add? Would life change for the better or worse? Share your thoughts in the comments!

[This is just a fun article which tries to throw light on how dependent we are on facebook. At the rate it is still growing, FB is not shutting down anytime soon :)]

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  1. Facebook is good to talk with others persons, not just for comments or post things in your status, in my example, I use a lot facebook but just for chatting because I have a girlfriend in Brazil, and I’m from Portugal, if wasn’t the facebook, we probably couldn’t talk. Facebook shutdown would be very bad for me, and for other peoples, for me Facebook can exist forever. sorry for my bad english 😛

    • I see your point there Marcos! Facebook has surpassed boundaries and brought people closer 🙂 Your English is pretty good! Thanks for your comment!

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