Ways to Stay Entertained During Coronavirus Quarantine

Ways to Stay Entertained During Coronavirus Quarantine

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken over our lives. It’s a global pandemic that has elicited polarizing reactions from around the world. While some are panicking, some are cautious. Some are even nonchalant. But we must remember to protect ourselves and the people around us by strictly following WHO’s guidelines. Wash your hands with soap frequently, don’t touch your face, contact a doctor if you’re sick and stay at home. Yes, social distancing is crucial right now.

Those parties and concerts you were looking forward to? That wedding you had to attend? Yeah…they’re all cancelled because you need to stay inside and flatten the curve. Even if you are really tempted to meet up with your group of friends this weekend, please don’t. Do it for the greater good. πŸ™‚

Thousands of healthcare practitioners all over the globe are risking their lives just for us. Dr. Frank Garner, chief medical officer at Comprehensive Healthcare, has said, β€œIn an epidemic, we must shift our focus from panic to altruism, to remember that we are all in this together.”

While we’re all holed up in our homes either working, studying or doing nothing, things can go just a liiiitle awry. Boredom and lack of productivity can get overwhelming. Self-quarantining can get to you. The anxiety and fear can really add to our stresses. No doubt.

So, to make you smile during these rough times, I’ve listed some ways you can stay entertained while you self-isolate. πŸ™‚


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Watch Tik Tok Videos

I know, I know. Tik Toks can range from cringey to outright weird. But a lot of them are really funny too! You can watch some awesome dance videos on Tik Tok or make one yourself. Not a dancer? Don’t worry! Try the #FliptheSwitch challenge that’s going viral these days. Who said isolation had to be dull? πŸ™‚


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Binge-watch a series

With so many streaming services available at your fingertips, entertainment is never too far from you. Binge watch that series you have been wanting to watch for a long time. Or if you’re like me, re-watch The Office again. Feel like there’s nothing left to watch? Try movies and series from other countries! It will be a brand new experience.


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Facetime your friends

Lucky for us, we live in the digital age. Go ahead and fulfill your craving to be social via video calling. Send funny videos of yourself (with wacky filters) to your friends and watch them do the same. There’s never a boring moment when friends are around (virtually!).


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Play multiplayer games

You will find many two player/multiplayer games like BattleText, PUBG, Hago on the Play store and App store. Download your favorite games and play them with your BFFs while practicing social distancing! Sounds like a quarantine dream come true to me. πŸ˜‰


work from home meme

Share memes

Memes are a way for this generation to cope with various things and honestly, some are quite hilarious. To stay entertained during this Coronavirus pandemic, simply scroll through Instagram for some quality memes that will have you chuckling in no time. πŸ™‚



Play board games

Coronavirus or no coronavirus – board games never get old no matter how many times you play. It’s always fun to sit together as a family and play board games together. Who knows, this might even be your time to bond with your family again. Board games for the win!



Watch live camera footage of animals

Zoos and aquariums are being closed for the public due to Coronavirus, but you can still observe the daily lives of animals as well as underwater creatures on live streams. Find out what Fiona the hippo is up to at the Cincinnati Zoo. Check out the underwater creatures at The Monterey Bay Aquarium. If this interests you, watch the animal live streams from these links. Cuteness guaranteed.


Listen to a Podcast

Pick your favorite platform which streams podcasts (my favorite is Spotify) and listen to the endless episodes ranging from true crime to comedy to technology and more. Choose your genre and be entertained!


If you are panicking about Coronavirus (COVID-19) – don’t. Make sure to follow the guidelines given by WHO, avoid the spread of misinformation and do your bit. And while you are at it, stay entertained and stay healthy.

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