7 Top Quality Articles about Twitter

This is the seventh and final post for this week’s 7 Day Challenge in a series called “Twitter series: Your Questions Answered” where I took up ONE question each day for a week and answered it in the form of a blog post! Today, I won’t answer just one question, but many of your questions all at once. How? Read on.

In this article, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite twitter related blog posts! They are all incredibly useful and fun to read.  Since today is the 7th day in the week, I present, 7 Top Quality Articles about Twitter! Enjoy!

Top 10 Twitter revelations:

This is a very popular guest post by @2cre8 on The Top 10 Blog ! A fun and interesting read, Kathy tells us about the experiences she’s had on twitter and gives us valuable tips based on it!

How understanding Twitter etiquette can lead to big opportunities online:

A great post by the wonderful @Tweetsmarter which gives us information about how exactly twitter etiquette can help us find big opportunities online.

7 Tips for becoming a Twitter Badass:

Everyone on twitter knows that Bit Rebels is THE place to go for great articles. This amazing post by @adamsconsulting gives us tips on how to become a twitter badass!!

10 Acts of Twitter Kindness:

This article by @minervity tells us how to be kind on twitter – which is very important!

5 Ways to Give Back to Your Twitter Friends:

Another great article from Bit Rebels, this one by @mistygirlph shows us how we should give back to our twitter friends. A fantastic article! 🙂

10 Traits of Power Tweeps You Can Adopt:

A popular post by @leowid on Arkarthick.com gives us great ideas on how to adopt traits of power tweeps! Helpful!

140 Things To Discover On Twitter:

Finally, a post which summarizes everything about twitter! A GREAT post by @rM1L on Tech18.com will help you learn everything you need to know about twitter. I can totally imagine how difficult it was to write this post, a LOT of hardwork! Way to go, Mil! 🙂

That’s it! This ends my seven day twitter series! Hope you enjoyed reading my articles. Keep checking back for more! Thank YOU for reading! 🙂

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  1. Thanks ever so much for highlighting Kathy’s post Nicky! It’s still the most popular post ever on the blog so it’s great to see Kathy featured on your excellent blog.

    Going to enjoy checking out all the others you have mentioned too.



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