5 Simple Ways to Make Mother’s Day Special For Your Mom

I’m sure you’d agree with me when I say that moms are the cutest people ever. Moms care for us, feed us, pamper us, scold us and above all, LOVE us. We can never love our moms the same way (because their love is way too extraordinary!) but what we can do is make them feel special. Mother’s Day is when you can actually go one step further! Here are some simple ways to make your mom feel extra special on Mother’s Day 2018!

Make her an elaborate meal

Nothing can compare to her culinary skills but we can surely try! 🙂 Give your mom the complete high-end restaurant feel – right in the comfort of your home! Prepare an elaborate meal consisting of all her favorite food items. It’s guaranteed to make her day so much brighter!

Spa day

Moms put everyone else before themselves throughout their lives, but on Mother’s Day – they need to be treated like the queens they are! Spend the day getting pampered at the spa with your mom. More than the pedicures, she’ll appreciate the time you will spend with her.


Gifting one thing to your mom is normal. How about taking it up a notch by giving her MANY gifts? Buy and gift-wrap multiple things she loves or things she always wanted to own. Make sure she finds them one by one throughout the day. It’ll be a perfect Mother’s Day treasure hunt for her which is guaranteed to make her smile.

Movie + Dinner Date

There’s nothing like going to a wonderful movie with your mom which is followed by a dinner date at her favorite place! It’s the best way to chat, laugh and create memories together. Show your love to your mom by doing things that make her super happy!

Surprise your Mom

If you’re living away from your mom, try to give her a surprise by showing up to her door unannounced! Her excited face will be a precious sight to see. This is how I surprised my grandma once, and she couldn’t contain her happiness. It was awesome!

These were some simple ways to make your mom feel extra special this Mother’s Day. It’s important to make her feel loved every single day, but you can definitely raise the bar on this big day. How are you making Mother’s Day special for your mommy dearest? Share your ideas in the comments! And yes, Happy Mother’s Day to all the strong and beautiful supermoms out there!

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