4 Simple Steps To Write A Good Article [INFOGRAPHIC]

So, you want to write an article but don’t know how to start? Want to write a listicle but not sure how to proceed?

I’m here to help!

Writing an article, a well-researched one at that, is no easy feat. An impressive article consists of an attractive title and compelling content. It should add value to the reader’s life and get him or her thinking. If you’re trying to sell a product via content marketing, then it must be effective enough to make the reader react to your call-to-actions.

Differentiating between a good and a bad article is fairly simple. A half-hearted, factually incorrect, typo-filled article is just bad.

Okay…so what makes an article good?

Well, in order to write a good one, you need to keep a few pointers in mind.
First off, if you’re a regular reader of blogs, you’ll find that every writer has his/her own voice. Before anything else, what you need to do is to find your own voice. Do you have a quirky or serious style of writing? Do you like a bit of humor sprinkled in? Do you like to write in a conversational tone?
Find out!

Alright, so you’ve found your writing style. Great! Now here comes the next step.

The subject.

The subject you choose matters a lot. Are you knowledgeable about this topic? Do you have expertise in it? Do you like writing about it? The answers to these questions will reflect in the article. Even if you have basic knowledge about something but you are interested in learning more – awesome! You can always explore the topic further… which takes us to the next step.

The research.

Again, it depends on the type of article you’re writing. An blog about your own experiences obviously needs no research. But in case you’re writing an informative article, make sure you present 100% true facts and statistics from reliable sources. Take your time and conduct an in-depth and detailed analysis of the topic. Then, jot down the main points of the content after that.

Good writing gives energy, whatever it is about. ~ Marilyn Hacker

The writing.

Start off with a strong introduction. Then, move on to the main part of the content. The text should be valuable, helpful, thought-provoking, and concise. While longer sentences might work in some cases – short and crisp sentences will work their magic every time. You need to hold the reader’s attention till the end and appealing sentences do the trick. Overall, the text shouldn’t be too long or too short. You can also add some images, videos, GIFs, quotes or even humor to spice it up!

The proofreading.

Now that your article is done – keep reading and re-reading it to make it perfect. You might find some typos and errors, so you have the opportunity to fix them. Keep editing until you reach your desired outcome.

And it’s ready! The bottom line is that you can share your thoughts, opinions and knowledge in a structured way through an article. So if you keep these tips in mind, you can easily prepare a well-written article!



  1. Article writing can be crucial sometimes and writers face various obstacles while writing an impressive article. The tips you mentioned are quite helpful. Thanks for sharing it

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