7 Effective Ways to Increase Productivity At Work

Do you go to work every morning and realize that there’s so much to do, but not enough time? Are you struggling with getting things done and suffering from a lack of productivity at work? Then these tips will come in handy! Read on to know some simple strategies to increase your productivity multifold at work. 

Do not disturb (your productivity!)

Figure out that time of day when you feel most energetic and focused. During that time, turn off all the notifications (if possible, work related notifications too) and get started on the task you have at hand. Don’t stop until you have completed it. I can tell you from experience that this is one of the best ways to get things done. With no interruptions, your brain can fully focus on one task without getting distracted. 

Set your own deadlines

Write down all the to-dos you have for the day and give yourself deadlines for each of them. Analyze how much time each one should ideally take. Time your work accordingly and watch yourself getting things done at an astonishing rate! If you don’t do this, you might end up doing one task for much longer than anticipated, thus defeating your purpose. 


It is really, really important to prioritize your work. You can segregate your tasks on the basis of urgency, difficulty and importance. Is there something that will need the most thinking? Then do it in the morning when your mind is the most alert. Is there something that needs to be done asap? Do it first. You can also do similar tasks (like sending emails) together so that a bunch of work gets checked off your list. Based on this criteria, you will be able to plan your day better and be super productive.

Time your meetings

If you work a 9 to 5 desk job, you know that meetings take up a chunk of your day. Especially those meetings which go nowhere and drag on till forever. Avoid this by keeping a check on the time. Let your colleagues know that this will be a 15 minute meeting and stick to it. If the meeting goes astray (which quite frankly happens often), make sure to remind others about the time and that everyone needs to come to a conclusion soon. Also, if possible, conduct meetings only when absolutely necessary. If it’s something that can be done via message, email or video chat, do that. It will save time to a great extent! 

Focus on one task at a time

Multitasking is great if you can do it and be productive while doing it. But if not, just focus on one task at a time and do it well. When you do multiple tasks at once,your focus is scattered and you might end up doing all those tasks in a mediocre fashion. So, just take a deep breath, look at the task you must do first, then concentrate on it and get it done well. 

Take a break

It is essential to freshen up your mind after you finish a chunk of work so that you can move on to the next task. By taking breaks in between, you can clear your mind and feel rejuvenated enough to begin work again. During these breaks you can have a warm beverage, have a quick chat with your colleagues or listen to some music. I’m sure that you will be able to perform much better when your mind is in the right place, and short breaks will definitely help you. 

Keep your desk organized

More often than not, our desk displays our state of mind. A cluttered desk can signify a cluttered, clouded mind. In order to be productive during the day, it’s important to feel good about working first. When you organize your desk and surround yourself with pictures or things that you love, you are bound to feel more positive at your workplace. This way, your motivation will translate into better productivity. 

These were some of the most effective ways to increase productivity in an organization. These can be helpful for bosses and employees alike. Do you have more ways to increase productivity at work? Be sure to write them down in the comments below! 


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