4 Reasons Why Pinterest Is Awesome

Pinterest is one of the most popular websites on the internet right now. It has gained a wide range of audience of all ages from the past six years. If you’re not aware of what it actually is, let me tell you. On Pinterest, you can ‘pin’ images, share content, make personalised boards and save creative ideas. Every user’s profile is filled with a variety of content, which makes it very fun to browse. You might even get lost in it for hours! Pinning can be addictive. To use Pinterest, you need to register and after that, you can start sharing the huge amount of content that is available and constantly updated.

What makes Pinterest so special?

Pinterest has become extremely popular, but why? What is so unique about it? Here’s what I think.

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Wide range of content

The sheer amount of categories available on it is amazing – right from ‘Animals & Pets’ to ‘Women’s Fashion’, there’s something for everybody. Because of so much variety in the content, people of all ages can find something useful here. It’s a great place to just relax and feast your eyes on some aesthetically pleasing home decor if that’s your passion. 🙂

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Gold mine of ideas

Pinterest is a gold mine of ideas you can get inspiration from. Right from Halloween party ideas to fun recipes to your wedding dress ideas, it has everything you need to complete all your DIY projects. Browse through the seemingly endless pages to get your creative juices flowing and make your very own creations.

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Increasing traffic to your blog

If you have a blog, especially if it’s a business blog, make sure you post or ‘pin’ images on your Pinterest account. These images should link back to your blog post hence bringing in more traffic to your original content. If people like your blog post, they will share it further, which creates a beneficial cycle for you and your business.

Content king Pinterest

Content is king

On Pinterest, you don’t have to worry about interacting with other users. Your pinboards will speak for themselves. If you have a business account, remember to create appealing and eye-catching pinboards which grab attention. Infographics, useful and informative content, fashion tips, ideas, wedding plan ideas etc. are some of the most popular types of content found on Pinterest.

People notice and enjoy ‘visuals’ much more than just plain text and websites like Pinterest & Instagram have made the most of it. Pinterest has more than 100 million active users as of 2016 and deservedly, its popularity is growing by the day.

If you have more reasons why you absolutely love pinning, please share them in the comments below!

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