3 Reasons Why Tweetups Are Awesome

So you’ve been on twitter for quite some time. You have a lot of virtual friends, some even closer than your real life friends. I’m sure you know of people you’re dying to meet in person. That’s where tweetups come in! I can hear someone saying , “What the heck is a tweetup?” Well, Urban dictionary describes it as :

“A group of friends on Twitter (social network) that are planning to meet up. A request by a user to meet with friends via Twitter.”

And that’s how it begins. A simple tweet by a user planning  a meet-up (in this case, a tweetup) of two or more people. Meeting someone you know online for the very first time can be nerve wracking. Some people might not be the same as they are online, while some might be exactly the same. But either way, tweetups can be a whole lot of fun. So, here are my 3 reasons why tweetups are awesome!


1. Get to know them better: Although you can know a lot about a person through their tweets/DMs, meeting them in person can turn it around. You get to share your experiences, talk about your interests, exchange ideas – all while sipping a cup of coffee together in a café!

2. Make new contacts: There are people from a lot of different career backgrounds on twitter. Meeting them personally can help you gain great amount of knowledge and information. Meeting twitter friends can widen your social circle and who knows, even find you prospective clients for your business.


3. Not just virtual friends anymore:  Tweetups take it to the next level. They aren’t just virtual friends (that you recognize only by their twitter handle) anymore . Meeting tweeps just increases our comfort level with them and instantly,  you might find great friends in them.  And in some cases, more than friends! 😉


If  you haven’t met up with anyone from twitter yet, go ahead and organize a tweet-up! You’re missing out on the opportunity to extend your virtual network. I’ve been to 4 tweetups so far and they have been great experiences. So what are you waiting for? Tweet-up and have fun! 🙂

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    1. Hello!
      I don’t think big tweetups are organized here as frequently as every week, but a lot of people tweet-up on their own in groups of four to five people often.
      Thanks for your comment, Joselin! Have a great day too 🙂

  1. Can’t agree more. I’ve been trying to make a habit of meeting all the people who have made my Twitter experience so wonderful. It’s lead to some wonderful friendships and many positive professional developments (the awesome company I currently work for started off as a glorious Twitter friendship).

    I’ll be staying tuned in with you blog. Some really grand articles on here. Keep up the great work.


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