10 Types Of Instagram Photos : Have You Posted These?

10 Types Of Instagram Photos : Have You Posted These?

Instagram, the app everyone is obsessed with. Almost every youngster swears by it. The names of filters and their effects are known by heart. That has been the immense impact of Instagram. With the influx of selfies, instagram has shot to soaring fame in the last few years and from the looks of it, it isn’t dying down anytime soon.

There are specific kind of photos that have become so common that they have become a staple of every instagram profile. So here I list my observations of 10 types of instagram photos almost all of us have posted at least once!


1. The #Selfie: Taken with the front cam or a mirror-shot, in the car, at a restaurant or even a bathroom – some good lighting, a flattering angle, a filter to make it look nicer and voila! – you have the ever popular selfie.


2. The Best Friend Selfie – Another common pic is the one taken with your friend trying to look either cute or goofy. You had a great time with your friend and you just wanna share it with the world! Or in this case- just your instagram followers.

3. The Group Selfie – The wefie? The usie? I’m not really sure what they call it these days. Big group of friends? Check. You went on an outing together and want to save the moment? Check. And this is how the group selfie comes into being. Also, note that either all of the friends will be smiling or each one of them would have a funny expression & pose!

4. The Starbucks coffee: Ah, the starbucks coffee. Caramel Macchiato? White Chocolate Mocha? You got it. Also, included is your name on the drink as well as the starbucks logo. Because come on, it’s ‘starbucks’. 😛

5. The Food Fiesta: We all love food. I haven’t met anyone who despises good food. And when you eat a nice meal, you recommend it to someone, right? Instagram helps you do just that. A nice close up of your food, sometimes even a collage of pics, is a common find in every instagram profile. Just tag the restaurant, type your opinion in the caption, and your followers will know exactly where to go to eat the nicest food.


6. The Sunset/Beach: One of the most beautiful of the lot. A sunset picture rarely ever disappoints. Plus a vintage-y filter? I’d double-tap that.



7.The Tree/Scenery: Who doesn’t love a photo of a nice tree with colorful leaves? Or a picture perfect scenery showing off your photography skills? You just can’t go wrong with that.



8. The Couple Selfie: This can be either “aww”- inducing or puke – inducing depending on the level of PDA the couple is doing in the photo, but you get my drift. The couple selfie, where usually the boyfriend is forced to pose for 50 photos out of which one gets posted.


9. Cute pets : No complaints about this one. If you have a cute pet or even a baby – go ahead. Post all the pics you want. We’ll be right here, swooning.


10. The Quote: Those days when we’re feeling especially philosophical. Or you just want to subtly send a sly message to a follower – whatever may be the reason, a quote picture is a typical photo found on instagram.

So there you have it. Are you guilty of any of the types mentioned above? I sure am! What are some more types of standard instagram pics everybody posts? Share with me in the comments!

Image credits:

Image courtesy of [bplanet], [patrisyu], [Ambro], [imagerymajestic], at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Also thanks to @buddyboowaggytails for their photo. Also, some photos are mine.

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