Top 10 Ways To Get Inspired To Blog

Inspiration. We all need it, don’t we? Without inspiration, we just cannot get started with whatever we want to do. I haven’t blogged since November 2011, and after a hiatus of over a month, I’m back. It surely wasn’t easy because of two reasons: 1) My ‘flow’ of continuously writing posts was suddenly halted and 2) I had no inspiration.

So I thought, OK,  I’m going to start writing again with the same energy and enthusiasm I had before and I’m going to come back with a bang. That’s when I started looking for inspiration to write, motivation to blog. I know that no blogger has evaded that feeling when you have no freaking idea what to write about. Also, sometimes we end up taking breaks from blogging, which is good, but if the break is too long, it may have an adverse effect on us. So for those bloggers/writers looking for inspiration to get your creative juices flowing once again, look no further and read on!

 1. Read, read, read!

Reading  definitely helps in many ways. Read some blogs that you frequently visit and find some new blogs which you haven’t visited before. You’ll find different styles and techniques of writing, new content and new information. Or read a book! While reading, think of things you find interesting in that blog, see whether you agree or disagree with the articles and take it forward from there. Reading gives you a lot of ideas and of course, inspires you!

2. Travel

Go out, and just walk. Or go to a place you’ve never visited before. Observe everything around you. Be at peace with yourself. Clear your mind. Think of new things and write them down. Even the little things you see can get you inspired!

3. Music


This one’s obvious but hey, it always works! Listen to your kind of music, whatever it is. Write while listening to music if it works for you. Or write when you’re in a quiet, peaceful surrounding. Do whatever suits you best. Music will help in getting you relaxed. When you start getting ideas, just randomly type all the points you come up with. When you finish jotting down points, read what you just typed and expand those ideas. And voila! You have a new blog post!

4. Google

Type keywords into Google about the subject you want to write about and see what comes up. Watch Youtube videos related to it. Read tweets about it. Do an all round research on it and you will definitely find a lot of content to write about.

5. Ask opinions from your Social media friends

You can ask your Twitter/FB/Google+ friends about their opinions and expert advice on a specific topic. You can also take their interviews, which always provide great interesting content.

6. Do something new – and then write about it

Do something you have never done before and write about your experience! It can be a new cuisine you just tried out or a beautiful place you just visited. Take pictures and write about them. If you liked a new iPhone/Android app, then write a review about it.

7. Read quotes

I’m a huge quote junkie and quotes never fail to inspire me. Read up on quotes by following hashtags (#quote), they are everywhere on twitter! 🙂

8. Revisit your old posts

Read your old posts and update them. Ask for constructive feedback about your older posts and work on them for further improvement in future articles.

9. Watch TV/movies

TV shows and movies can give you a lot of ideas. Just keep your eyes, ears and mind wide open for any ideas and if something strikes you, get started on writing about it!

10. YOU

The best person who can inspire you is: YOURSELF! Create excitement for writing, set a goal, motivate yourself and achieve it. Push yourself, write and get out of that blogging slump! Bring back that lost motivation and start writing again.


If writing gives you happiness, you’re doing it right. I hope these ideas proved to be as useful and helpful to you, as they have been to me. Happy writing!

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  1. Hello Nicky!
    I just wrote you a long letter on your “Contact Me” section of your web site, & it’s so ironic that you just started writing again and you’re trying to get your own inspiration back, and here I am telling you how inspiring you are!! I’m not a natural social media online user. At 47 I still miss writing & receiving hand written letters & opening & reading paper books, but I see that the new world is in computer bits, & saves paper to boot! Today, I would say that the biggest benefit I can see right now for online social media is that : Through your past posts, which are being held for you online, while you take a hiatus, You can be inspiring people even when you’re not felling it yourself!! God bless you! Hope your inspiration flame burns bright! – Liz

    1. Thank you so much Liz! I appreciate your kind words! “Through your past posts, which are being held for you online, while you take a hiatus, You can be inspiring people even when you’re not felling it yourself” — Couldn’t agree more!! Well said! 🙂

  2. I think travelling and spending lone time inspires one the most. Atleast it goes true when it comes to me.

  3. I found your posts very informative specially for newbie like me in blogging world. I will take your advices since I really dont have any inspiration in writing articles. I will deal with it seriously to come up with a nice and informative article.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts in blogging and I hope I can do it also.

    Kind Regards,

    Ronaldo Doming

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