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An Open Letter To Social Media Addicts

  Dear Social Media addicts,   First things first – don’t deny it. Acceptance is the first step towards change….

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How Would A World Without Google Look Like? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Our day is incomplete without Google. We use Google images, maps, news, translate, mail, books, earth, blogger, docs, Youtube, alerts,…

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What Is Social Media According To You?

There are high chances of you visiting to this blog via a social networking site, be it Twitter, Facebook, or…

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The Launch And Growth Of Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everybody is talking about Google+. Every blogger is writing about it. And every Google+ fan is raving about it. This…

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10 Reasons Why Google+ And Twitter Can Work Together

I’m honored to present a guest post on The Nicky Blog by the amazing Tony Hastings! More info about the…

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Have you Googled Facebook lately?

I’m thrilled to present a new guest post on The Nicky Blog by the multi-talented girl Milana Ryan! More info…

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