4 Reasons Why #Quora is Awesome

Let’s talk about Quora.

It’s a community where people ask questions and get answers from complete strangers. Described as a Q&A platform, it empowers people to share and grow the world’s knowledge. It’s quite a simple website to use and anybody can get the hang of it easily. All you have to do is make your profile and get started.  But, I’m sure you are wondering…why exactly is Quora awesome?

It is informative

There is absolutely no shortage of topics on Quora. You can explore questions and answers based on your selected topics and see them in your feed. There are topics like science, math, philosophy, movies, photography, mobile apps, baking, creative writing and lots more. I chose all the topics I was interested in, saw relevant questions pop up on my feed and I was hooked!  

Most of the content on the website/app is highly informative and helpful, contributed by people from around the world. Some questions are factual, some need expert opinion while some are related to experiences. People share their personal experiences, good and bad, on this forum. It really gives you a brand new perspective on a variety of things.

There’s also a system of upvotes and downvotes here. The better your answer is, the more upvotes you get. 

It is interesting

Quora is interesting, fun and engaging. It is a knowledge hub where people share their thoughts, insights as well as secrets! That’s right – controversial questions get some really controversial answers as well. That’s not all – even famous people have verified accounts on Quora. Barack Obama, Ashton Kutcher, Irrfan Khan all have answered questions on this platform. It’s a treat to read experiences of people from different walks of life. 

It is SEO friendly

Quora’s questions and answers show up on the first page of Google due to the keywords used in them. If you answer a relevant question by using good keywords and links, your answer might rank high on Google, giving it visibility. A lot of businesses and bloggers use this to their advantage although the site discourages blatant promotion. As any social media platform, if you can sell your product without really selling it, you’re doing it right!

It is addictive

Yes, Quora is incredibly addictive. As you hop from one topic to the next, you won’t even realize how quickly time goes by. Many years ago, I used to have a Yahoo Answers account and answered questions on it all the time. Quora is very similar to that. In many ways, it’s better. It encourages people to write detailed answers and engage in intelligent discussions. After a reading session on Quora, you are sure to have some bits of information that you didn’t have before.


Quora was launched in 2009 and became really massive over the years. It boasts of 300 million monthly users and more than 400,000 topics. Phew, those are some big numbers 😀 I personally feel that if used wisely, Quora can be a wonderful source of information and ideas. Did this article generate your interest in this site? Then go ahead and join Quora – ask a question or answer one right away! 😀


  1. Quora is one of the best sites i have ever come across . It is a very useful and informative website and we can find answers to many questions and we can ask our own questions.

  2. I’ve been using quora for a long time,
    Honestly, I say, it helped me get a lot of traffic,
    And in this post you said quora interesting, I’m with you
    Agree with this. Thank You.

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