How To Keep Your Facebook Group Active

How To Keep Your Facebook Group Active

So you have a Facebook group…

It’s based on something that you’re really passionate about.

But now, unfortunately, it’s inactive.

It’s, gasp, dead. Cue the tumbleweed.

A Facebook group is essentially meant for interaction. It’s a community of people with similar interests who can share their knowledge about a certain topic and communicate with others. An inactive Facebook group defeats the primary purpose of an online community.

To be honest, a dead facebook group is every admin’s worst nightmare. You have a bunch of members in the group but no one is really liking, commenting or interacting with each other. No new posts, no new reactions.

Unlike a Facebook page, which is mostly used to promote and sell something, a Facebook community needs to be engaged and active. Here are five ways to do exactly that.

Post Visual Content

Using images and videos in your posts grows your chances of being noticed and receiving comments from your group members. Visual content has been proven to have more impact online compared to text. Hubspot has a great article with statistics about visual content strategies for 2019.

You can make eye-catching infographics, short videos, slideshows and pictures for your facebook group. You don’t have to be a graphic designer for this! Simple images and videos are perfectly fine. You will find various apps on the App Store and Google Play for this purpose. 

Make sure to include a call-to-action in your captions (or the images or videos!) which encourages the members to respond with their reaction or comment their opinion about the topic. People will start responding right away!

Ask Questions on your Facebook Group

Picture this.

Your Facebook group is about Writing Tips. You write a post which looks something like this:

Tip: If you’re going through a writer’s block, go out for a walk. It will refresh your mind and give you new ideas.

Sounds good? But if you add just one more thing to the post…

Tip: If you’re going through a writer’s block, go out for a walk. It will refresh your mind and give you new ideas.

Fellow writers, what do you do when you have writer’s block? Share your tips below!! 👇

I assure you that you will get comments where people share their own tips and tricks to combat writer’s block.

The difference lies in the fact that people are more likely to answer questions and just like or react to a statement. For engagement on any platform, questions always work best.

Organize a Contest

Everybody loves contests and having the chance to win something. Take advantage of that to make your facebook group active. In the rules of the contest, you can ask for daily posting by the members and encouraging them to add newer relevant members to the group. The more active someone is, the higher their chances of winning. But in the end, you win! A lot of facebook pages also adopt this strategy to get lots of comments and shares on their posts. This can be a lifesaver for an inactive facebook group.



Pick Topics to Discuss

Set up a schedule for the week and decide the topics to talk about in your community. Let’s take the example of the Writers’ Community once again. Your schedule can look something like this:

Monday: How to get through writer’s block

Tuesday: Common mistakes people make in their writing

Wednesday: Share a list of your favorite books to read

Thursday: Discuss your thoughts & opinions about a particular famous book

Friday: Writing tips for beginners

Having something like this will not only give you a clear idea of what to post about during the week, but you will also get all the opinions and discussions you’ve always wanted on your posts. Choose such topics that everyone in the group can contribute to them. Before you know it, your engagement will be through the roof!

Go Live

Live Chats are everywhere these days. It’s one of the best ways to communicate with tons of people at the same time. Live chats are great because you can see someone’s face on the screen as opposed to just seeing their posts and comments! If you’d like to know how to go live on your facebook group, watch this video by Veena Vee.


These were some tips and tricks you can use to bring your facebook group back to life and ensure engagement. You might get some heated discussions or inappropriate comments once in a while so be ready to tackle them all.

Do you have a facebook group that you handle? Any more tips on how to make a group highly active? Share your knowledge in the comments below!

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